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Theres seventeen sports to go and see when the Commonwealth Games kick off in Glasgow next summer and I’m here to tell you about the ones
that you simply can’t miss. Badminton. The record for the fastest smash of a shuttlecock during competition is over 330 kilometres per hour. That is faster than a speeding train. So it’s time to ask, how fast can you smash? Ok Cameron I would say just concentrate hard, don’t try and hit it to hard but just try and get your timing right ok? Yey, good one wee man. This is Andy, how fast do you think you can smash? It’s the fastest racquet sport people don’t really understand that or realise it I think, small courts small racquets and all these kind of things that make it really difficult and really skillfull so it makes it great to watch and its certainly going to be amazing to watch live and thats going to be one of the good things about it being in Glasgow you will be able to come down and watch badminton live cause it certainly is better in the flesh than on the television, certainly for me to compete at a home games is an amazing opportunity and I was
fortunate enough to, to be in London that was a home games of a sorts but to compete in my home city of Glasgow is certainly a once in a lifetime oppertunity for me so I wouldn’t miss it for, for anything. So i’ve watched everyone else have a shot I guess now it’s my turn to have a go, i’m a bit rusty since London but we’ll see how it goes. Thats my record. Just about pipped Susan but I think thats probably fair enough considering i’m still playing and she’s now happily retired so I’m quite happy about that. Patrick McQ I got 147 Kilometres per hour, today has been great obviously Imogen and Susan both went to the Olympics so it’s great experiance for primary school kids and all of us to see them playing. Commonwealth Games is really important, looking to qualify for that next year so hopefully can do it. I’ve had great fun today it almost makes me want to get back on court now I just cant wait for the badminton at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games next summer.

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  1. No offence to anybody in this video, but everybody had a bad smash technique (even the guy that got 147 km/h). When you jump smash, it is key to land on both feet with a low center of gravity to be better prepared for the next shot. If this guy played this shot during a game, to win the match, all the opponent has to do is to play a net shot. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about, I am an Swedish badminton player and my smashes clock around 195 km/h.

  2. skwli, tan boon smash speed was measured under completely different device, method and in a controlled environment. Can not compare with this video nor Fu hai fung 332 km/hr game smash. I bet if the same radar gun used in this video for tan boon smash, his smash will be in the high 200's to low 300's km/h.

  3. Try to get them to jump and switch their feet also hit it at 61 degrees from the back of the shoulder for top results

  4. I'm 5 and I can smash 600 km/h. Don't believe me? Too bad. I also can sprint 600 km/h, guess I'm just a born talent + I exercise real hard, combination for success. I recommend it.

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