Badminton China JUMP Footwork

Welcome to this video. In this video I will show you the China jump movement as most people call it. You can also say the side shuffle movement towards the forehand side and the backhand side What is it and how do we use it and why do we use it? This is some of the things I just briefly want to mention before I will walk you through the technical stuff about the footwork and also a little bit about how to hit the shuttle up in the air by using your upper body, the grip and rotation in your arms. I will show you both sides but first let me talk a little bit about where and why to use it. Its a movement that many many players use often in the singles but also in the doubles when jumping very fast towards the back of the court. Its these situations where you will maybe get a flat lift to your forehand or backhand side and you cant get underneath it and do the scissor jump and you won’t wait to do the defense shot so you will just jump out hitting it very early and just try to keep the initiative in the rally. So its more of the fast and steep smashes we are doing when we are jumping like this towards the shuttle. So if you want to learn the power smash you have to watch another video we made on our channel. But this one focuses on the fast quick movement in the China jump. So let me walk you through first the footwork away from the center and also a little bit about the technique in the shot. First of all, when moving on court when playing badminton it is important to have a low center of gravity. When we have the low center of gravity we have better balance. It is easier for us to push away from the center, from the back, from the net. We also need to have the wide stand in our legs. The low gravity is good but if our legs are very narrow like this it is still tricky for me to move. So a little wider distance so we have good balance and we have good strength in our legs using the muscles in the correct way. From the center position, it starts with a directional split step. After the directional split step it is actually possible just to do one long big China jump towards the shuttle. But you can also add an extra side shuffle if the shuttle comes a little bit longer towards the back of the court or maybe you are in a more bad position in the center you can add the extra side shuffle and then the China jump. Let me just walk you through it. From the center position Så im standing in here. Facing the net like this. So the directional split-step comes in like this. So now my ankle is towards the forehand side getting ready to do the China jump to the side to the back. As you can see when I’m doing the directional split-step my left leg hit the floor just before my right leg because then I can move my right leg just a little bit towards the corner. Let me show you one more time And that is in order for me to move my weight balance from my left to my right. So I’m already now leaning towards the forehand side. After the directional split-step, I push away with my left leg transferring my weight balance to my right leg. And then do the jump on the right leg in the end. Let me show you again. When jumping towards the shuttle in the side I also use my upper body and my arms to generate some more power going upwards through the shuttle. And also being ready to hit the shuttle way up high so I can hit the steep smashes towards my opponent on the other side. Let me show the example where you use the extra side shuffle to add some more length to your movement towards the corner. That would look like this. So as you can see I am landing further down towards the corner so I can cover the flat shuttles coming with a longer length than the other one. And like I said if you are more towards the left of the side you can use the extra side shuffle to add some more length to your movement down to the corner. What is also important when you are doing the China jump is the landing in the corner. If I land with my balance and my body leaning backwards it is very tricky for me to push forwards putting pressure on my opponent. And that is what I would like to do because I am doing the attacking style jump and if I land defense style then I would take away the momentum in the rally and not putting my opponent under pressure again on the next shot. So when we land down here we need to be ready to move forward or at least be in a neutral balanced position so I can move towards the center one more time. Let me show you the movement where I am landing in a defense balanced position down in the corner. That would look like this. So if I land with my weight balance going backwards it is very tricky for me to push away towards the corner. So your back leg needs to land further towards the corner so I am in a better balance to push to the net or maybe to the center again. Let me show you how to do it the correct way. So as you can see already when I am landing I am already pushing forward again. And I will also show you with only one jump from the middle. So when I land I push away from the corner putting more pressure on my opponent on the other side. This video is mostly about how to move, jump and how to land. But let me just briefly show you the technique in the smash if you choose to do that. You can, of course, do cut, drops and also maybe deceptive clears in some cases. What is important is that you reach the shuttle as early as possible. Reaching for it up out in the side so I put pressure on my opponent. What is also important is that you use small quick movements so when you jump down here it is not good that you use the big big big power swing in your arm. It will be too slow and you will reach it further down when you do this. So go up in the air and use the quick movements like this where you rotate your forearm, use the finger powers and the small quick movements in your racket and also in the wrist in order for you to reach it early and put the pressure on the opponent making steep cuts or smashes towards the sides of the court. I have now changed the angle of the camera so you now can see the China jump in the backhand side in around the head side. This jump is mostly the same things that we use but it is a little bit more tricky on this side because usually our left leg, if we are right-handed, is a little bit weaker than the right one and it is a little bit more tricky for me to jump this way reaching for the shuttle. So this shot is not used that much like the shot in the movement in the forehand side but it can still be done. Out in the side reaching for it very very early putting pressure back on the opponent in the singles and doubles. Usually, you see the single players using this when the lift is very very short they jump out in the side putting pressure. In this case, you can also add an extra side shuffle but it is not used that much. I would maybe go for the rotation in the swing instead of going for the side shuffle and the China jump. The China jump on this side if mostly used only with one jump. It’s all of the same things in the center. I still use the directional split-step. I still push away. You still push away with the, in this case, right leg towards the left leg and then jump on the left leg going out here hitting the shuttle this way. It’s very important in this shot that your arms go all the way to the side because you are in a stretch position out here you can say. Reaching for the shuttle all the way out here. So it’s important to go upwards to the shuttle really reaching for it. Otherwise, it will be very tricky for you to do good shots from this position. Very important to land properly out here. The left-back leg needs to push back so we land in a good position. If it’s in here I land in the defense position with not that good balance. So push it out so you land in a more neutral position or more attacking position so you can push away from the corner maybe going to the net or the center again. That was the China jump movement in the forehand in around the head side. We talked about the jumping movement and how we land, how to reach for the shuttle by doing the quick movement. I hope you can try this and learn a little bit by watching this video. Thanks a lot for that. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions and we will answer them as soon as possible. If you have anything to ask about the China jump or about the techniques feel free to ask. Thanks for watching and see you soon again!

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