Badminton Different Backhand Grip for Different Impact Point

Different Backhand Grip for Different Impact Point Please be aware that my voice was not 100% clear as I was having a flu In order to make good shot it is so important to have right grip for the backhand depending on where you are taking the shuttlecock the position of your thumb is all different please focus on my thumb position Let’s say I am taking shuttlecock from the net which is very much in front of me my thumb should be behind like this like that So, I can use my thumb to kill like this see with shuttlecock The wrong way many club players are having this grip which is like this and kill it in this way Now flick flick also it can be taken in front of my body so, the thumb has to be behind like this watch this with shuttlecock ok same hit with different direction thumb is behind same they don’t use thumb they don’t use backhand grip, they hold like that and hit it like this compare thumb behind Now, backhand drive backhand drive is little bit side of my body so the thumb should not be like that like net kill or flick if thumb is there I can’t hit backhand drive because it will turn this is not right for backhand drive because backhand drive is little bit side of my body not in front of my body so, my grip for backhand drive it has to be neutral grip like that from backhand net kill this is backhand net kill like that like this but backhand drive is like this watch this with shuttlecock like this because of this way my wrist can work like that but if I grip like that my wrist will be locked there I can’t go anymore or I have to do that which is not good so now watch this right grip for backhand drive ok here ok now different direction for you to see yeah this is backhand drive grip ok watch the hit Now backhand clear backhand clear also side of my body or behind my body depending on that position of my thumb will be changed ok, so if I take shuttle side of my body the grip has to be like this now watch with shuttlecock now shuttle is little bit behind me then my thumb has to go there if I hit shuttlecock side of my body my thumb will be there but, if I take shuttlecock little bit behind my thumb has to go there so this allows me to do that like this like that if I don’t do it if I put my thumb like that when I am late shuttle will go out will turn but if I do that it will stay in my wrist will still work watch with shuttlecock ok, watch in different direction so I am ready like that shuttle goes back, so I am taking behind my body and my thumb has to be there watch with shuttlecock so depending on how early how early how much side how much behind your backhand grip has to be changed from here thumb completely behind neutral grip for drive neutral grip for backhand clear when you take shuttlecock side of your body but when shuttle is passing you your thumb has to go up or corner depending on how much you are late so your wrist can work

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  1. I needed this so much, I used to not able to hit backhand clear behind my body, now I can at least hit it almost full court. Thanks so much coach lee!

  2. Can you do a video on racquets and maybe strings? Your racquet looks flexible and has a nice crisp sound when hitting

  3. Thank you coach, at last I found the video for backhand grip. Before this I already watch your video on how to lock wrist when doing my backhand clear.

  4. Tks Coach Lee, I've watched a lot of your videos but I just couldn't see the right position(s) of the fingers in different situations or sometimes I was not sure. Do you think it is possible to make a video taking exclusively about grips (which you had already done), but with some detailed explanations using a schematic picture like this one?

  5. Here is another system using wide bevels, narrow bevels, and diagonal bevels to refer to different racket sides and I find it very clear and useful.

  6. I thank you so much for sharing these minute details about the techniques that can enhance ones game so much. I greatly appreciate your time and effort in putting these videos together. A person like me who has never been coached can now utilize your videos and improve my game.

  7. You are great Coach Lee. You gave the best explanations about backhand grip.
    You give opportunity to thousand of badminton players to have you as our coach!
    Thank you so much!

  8. Dear Lee,
    as usual great video. I am able to do the backhand clear to the side of my body & in front of the body because of your guidance.
    I still find it tough to clear when the shuttle is behind me already. 
    One more difficulty is I am not able to time properly when the pace is high. Any special practice needed?

  9. Coach I have never joined any coaching and I you are my first and the best coach I could have met. Please continue making your videos… And thanks for knowledge you shared with us all…

  10. Mr. Lee kindly guide me in GYM exercises for fitness and to improve my smashes or force like professional thanks. Riaz

  11. Thank you for your scientific explanation! This is the best!
    좋은 동영상 너무 감사합니다 이 코치님. 타국에서 건강하세요.

  12. I've learned so much watching your videos, eg, backhand low serve I do it all the time when playing doubles ,never served like that in 10 years of playing. Your backhand clear and drives are a revealtion ,thank you very much .

  13. Hi Coach, is the grip for backhand drive the same as that for backhand clear for shuttle taken to the side of the body? I can't see the difference?

  14. Awesome Video!How can i approve the strength of my backhand- clear ? I am using the right grip, but the shuttlecock doesn't fly far enough.

  15. so useful and your video always progress although you handle similiar subject again. that faxt makes me happily check your post all the time.

  16. thankyou for that, i will continue to practice backhand,
    i play social grade badminton 3rd year club captain,my other issue is how do i serve to a male opponent,without him smashing it back at me?

  17. Very useful for me
    I was always struggling to do backhand properly. .
    especially for backhand clear.
    from this video, I have learned much. .
    Thank you very much coach . .

  18. Lee you are a great coach. Your resolve to teach the game to everybody in itself is a big motivation for us to learn and improve our game. Master's attitude itself is enough, unclear voice is no issue. Thanks.

  19. Hi Sir,
    I am trying o improve my back hand from past couple of months. I am glad that for some club players like me who are serious for the game we have the best coach available in business. I have improved a lot in backhand and the credit goes to you. I am truly obliged to have you with me virtually.
    Thanks a lot.

  20. I have improved more in the past one year of following your video sessions than I had in the previous 15 years of playing badminton, when i really had no clue what i was doing. Thank you very much coach Lee

  21. My backhand grip whether to be side my body or behind abit I still use the same grip. I'm use to it. Thank God my wrist is good enough to clear it well. Maybe different players have different styles

  22. Thank you Mr. Lee. These are very valuable tips. Please post ankle strengthening warmups to prevent ankle injuries. Thanks in advance.

  23. You give the best tutorials I suppose because I don't see anyone teaching us with a number of examples.👍👍 Thank you coach Lee.

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