Badminton Double Rotation – Part 1 Tunnel (Badminton Doppeltaktik Doppelrotation 1)

We start with tunnel attack that is attacking in line to introduce, we start without changing positions. We will do this for about 4-5 minutes to get used to it. If I play a shuttle into the backcourt corner the net player has to move too. Ready, net player? I feed shuttles to the back of the court and the net player moves as well. So that both players stand always in the tunnel position. After practicing that a bit we start involving the net player Feeding is just high shuttles and shuttles to the net. Now we switch players Sophie, do not try to hit Mirkos head 🙂 And as you see, Mirko has full trust 😉 Same thing as before involving both players. Why we do it like this? If you smash longline the cross defense is more difficult this is why we decide to cover the longline shot=decision to use the system “tunnel” Tunnel is just on system, please remember this If you decide with your parter or with your players to use “tunnel” you really aim for the opponent to play it into our defense. Very important – exactly in the moment of the clear, move into that position. But remember at every point: tunnel is just one of many systems. Now we make it more complex Start next to each other. I play a shuttle into one of the backcourt corners and the other player has to close the net “longline” Start again next to each other. Shuttle to the back court and net player immediately closes the net. If Sophie closes the net, Mirko has to cover the cross court drive defense as well. This will be step 2 later. But you can see at that point, why “tunnel” might not be a good fit for everybody. But a lot of players try to play it. One more time the complete first step. This is what we focus on now Moving both players left right while the net players goal is to close the net BEFORE the shuttle is met in the backcourt. Start always side to side after a few shuttles. OK – thats it.Subscribe for more!

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