Badminton Double Rotation – Part C Cross Attack (Badminton Doppeltaktik Laufwege Versetzter Angriff)

Welcome to my 3rd double tactic video My name is Diemo Ruhnow, Head Coach Doubles Badminton Germany Today we gonna talk about the cross cover attack. As the name states the net players covers cross. I questions what I get a lot – what is the difference to the Malay system? This we will learn in this video also. Let me take one thing beforehand The “Cross Covering” is more found in Mixed doubles! For the start we take again a shuttle in the left backcourt corner. Player 2 will move to the shuttle, Player 1 takes the net in the cross position. And as always the defending double moves as well to the side. Player 2 does has many options for attacking. If we consider again the smash there are the 4 different options. longline between both players in the middle and cross. Smash longline like in the Malay attack makes less sense. As it is easy for the opponent to place the shuttle into the longline Achilles heel of this system. By using a short block The aim (as always) of the attack is to make the opponent play into the net player. That’s why in this system it makes sense to attack to the middle or cross Let have a look at all the options of the defenders. when the smash is played in the cross direction (including middle and full cross). As said before the longline block is the Achilles heel of the system when it is played and not in direct reach of the net player the attack is lost and one player (most of the time Player 2) has to turn into survival mode and run to shuttle. If a high clear defense is played AND THIS THE DIFFERENCE TO MALAY Player 2 takes both backcourt Corners. As he normally has enough time for the high clear. Longline drive is easy to managed the backcourt player just has to move directly after his smash a bit forward and center wise. Important as in every double: both players move accordingly! A whole rally could look like this: After the shuttle is lifted into the backcourt Cross covers positions will be taken the defending side moves as well. Attack through the middle Defence plays a cross high clear And player 2 (not 1 as in Malay) moves to the shuttle in the other backcourt corner the defense again moves to the side Player 2 smashes cross again The defense is played longline Player 1 kills it at the net. The whole thing in replay… I hope you like the video, if so please hit “thumbs up” also subscribe the channel buy me a coffee if you ever meet me 🙂 and check the Double rotation playlist for the other videos! Thanks and bye…

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