Badminton Doubles: Helping the Front Court Player

Helping The Front Court Player Hello, I am Lee thank you very much for coming to IBBS In this video I would like to show you the number 4 situation in doubles, which is the rear court player help front player when front player is under pressure number 1 learning point when the front player is moving there are some players whose posture is like this standing and just looking rather than moving together watch this please this is you you are standing in rear court your partner in a game he is moving you at the rear court should be moving like that even though you are not hitting it watch me please while my partner is moving ready, game go like this stop like this rather than same again some players have this attitude ready go stop ok have a look two together please ok watch Robin at the rear that’s you should be moving like him ready go go yes like this so if goes to rear court, that’s possible because he is moving ok rather than standing and watching like this if shuttle goes, you are late that is the basic you have to make same rhythm rhythm so when ever shuttle comes to you, you will be able to move immediately now, techniques of the movement watch this please you are standing here if your partner goes to the center net kill forward stop there then you don’t stand here you move little bit forward but back again if your partner goes right hand corner, deep corner then that’s empty so you don’t stand like this you come forward little bit and you turn like this to cover that way, face that way ready if you go left hand side then you come and then ready for 3 corners ok have a look this one ok go like this this corner and change shuttle is here and then there shuttle is this corner and then change ok thank you as you can see when your partner at the front court if he goes deep corner the rear court player movement come forward little bit and then turn in order to cover the empty corners in here, important thing to remember is you do it, from rear corners, you move forward little bit and turn your body in order to cover but, please don’t forget rear court is your main responsibility you should cover rear court first and then help front player rather than, just ready for empty corner and forget about your main responsibility, which is this ok like this, this is not right way that’s empty shuttle goes there that’s not because he tried to cover this one and forgot about the other corners this should be like that right way ok that’s empty but still rear court ready empty that’s empty and then come so your partner went to the corner, you turn it you are ready there, and at same time you must be able to ready for main responsibility which is rear court ready, this is wrong one just concentrate on forward ready go that’s empty here no body is there right one go that’s empty yes that’s empty smash empty come once again you have to know which is main responsibility for you which is extra for you rather than you forget the main thing and concentrate on the extra ok little bit more which is the right way ok ready go yeah, thank you so number 4 situation in doubles you are standing rear court and your partner is at deep corner in front so the other corner is completely empty in that case you turn your body you move your place little bit forwarded and then help your front player that is number 4 thank you

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