Badminton Double’s PART 3 — smashing cross court

let’s take a closer look at offense of
rotation for doubles we understand that there is the “V” we understand it weeks this year smallest bird lesson here key points when the murders out here acquits divided this way this is assuming that your partner when
in the back deep in the back court it’s going to snaps at this person wants you cross into the middle section and this is estimate between the double sorus line about a racket wreck
and a half you or now decision to smash something cross-hairs actually this is at the very good press module back here rules dumbness smashes street down the
line because this person so you have to quote you buy that
discipline he smashes down the line this person has to return it this person this one xpath this one or pass so it is covering the next and chrysler angle here smash street down the line bold colors net in cross kore so everything’s culvert this person goes straight exception falls momentum comes in for the kill now when you’re at
this decision that that shock to you disposed rotating moving that’s the case something crosswords as that make sense first follow for example fluted outside smash creed come in here when you’re in the milk christ rooftop in the back smashed rate smashed three-four crops sinking external you have to be proof today outside came on the line center when the ferry comes here this person
has when you’re back here at this person ask
them now cross kore sorry things covered you take the front when you’re this position smashing clue but more in depth on doubles often security

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