Badminton: Drop Shot from the right rear court

Drop shot from this corner I am right handed, right rear corner there are 3 different drop shots number 1 simple drop shot, straight forward wrong way simple drop shot, too big swing winding up right way again deceptive slice drop shot the racket goes that way, shuttle goes that way wrong way too exagerated or right way slice deceptive drop shot slice, cross slice drop shot right way all 3 one by one simple slice reverse slice cross

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  1. Thank you for these wonderful videos : ). I'm wondering, can you create more deception by turning your body more, as you do in clears and smashes? It seems here your opponent would be able to tell that you will drop instead of clear or smash.

  2. Well you guys can sit here and argue….or you can try and learn as much as you can from Coach Lee and his videos.

  3. You might have a point, but in my opinion this is a fine video – Coach Lee is making videos for EVERYONE. Not only for advanced and slightly experienced players, but as well for those who just might have had a racket in their hands for the first time. And if he would be showing the technique in a high-speed style like in-game, none of these beginners would see what's going on with the racket – he is showing the shot in very low speed (and predictable style) for the better understanding, I guess.

  4. please make a video of the dropshot wherein you are chasing the shuttlecock and THEN you do the rearcourt dropshot.

  5. I am so sorry but would you please ask your question more in detail. I am not clear the point of your question. Please try again for me. Lee

  6. I think he or she means to demonstrate doing the same shot, but starting from another area of the court and moving to the right rear court position to perform the drop shot. I think that is a good point because we are not always standing where the shuttlecock is going. Thanks! I really enjoyed the video

  7. Yes you are right, after your explanation I got it now. Yes that is a very good point as it can be useed in real match. I will put that on my list. Thank you very much for your in put. Lee

  8. in this video the shuttlecock is being fed to you. in real play, you would have to be moving to chase the shuttlecock and then do the dropshot. so your footwork in in video is not any help at all.

  9. I do agree with you it is not the clip to show how to move and how to hit drop shot.
    This clip is to show the people who have not played badminton and would like to know what is drop shot. The clip you would like to see will be made soon. Lee

  10. I'm looking at the shots from 1:58 onwards: Is it just me impression or are you hitting the shuttle way too low? Shouldn't the contact point be higher?

  11. Hi Lee, I really enjoy your videos and use it to learn and compliment my game. I'm interested on if you can provide videos of you breaking down how to properly execute the slice shots. Do you also have any videos in which you discuss shows where an individuals "withholds" their racquet and pull it back slightly to change direction of the shuttle?

    Thank you so mich and I look forward to your response.

  12. Yes I have a few clips on how to spein net shots please serch for it as there is forehand and hackhand spin shot clips. Would you please explain more on the second question as I am not clear. Lee

  13. Hi coach Lee, I believe the shot i'm referring too and its variation is best shown here It is Peter Gades trademark shot, obviously there are other variations of it. Thank you

  14. Good video as always. I usually jump and do a drop shot with the deception. My opponent always think I'm smashing. Without jumping my drop shot usually won't make it over the net or maybe my stretch isn't all the way?

  15. Jump drop is good as you take it high and it is more deceptive but same time you also be able to do drop without jump as there will be situation you have to without jump. if you practice I am sure you can do nice drop with out jump. Try. Lee

  16. Sure I will be making it but as I just move to Canada, need sometime to sattle in before I make clips agaim. I will put it on my list. Lee

  17. Herwin1123: I was about to ask him to do a tutorial on this but you did. I've been so impress by this skill for a long time. Thank you and coach Lee, too. This shot is awesome.

  18. Yes player should do that. When a player is set to hit an overhead shot he should set for all options including smash. So his opponent have ready for all options which make him much harder to cover the court. In this way the player will be able to change his shot to any shot at very last moment. Lee

  19. Hi I'm from Slovakia and i trying to be the best and with your tips it really helps me thanks for the tips thanks a lot :))

  20. Hello There, Ones the basic skill is done then deceptive drop shot should be trained. It is not possible to do deceptive drop everytime but when right time come, player should be able to do it. Thank you for your kind comment on my clips. Lee

  21. Couch Lee,when doing drop shot cross court ,my racket 's face is facing to direction at the moment of contact?we make it like a flick ?how to increase the speed of a drop shot ?

  22. Your racket should facing straight court direction so it is deceptive and makes better shots. It is difficult discribe by words. Please wait for sometime. This is on my list to record. Lee

  23. hello coach lee,, i want to ask u do u ever heard about slice-smash drop? the ball is fast and it always can drop before the service line,, it is very very hard to take the ball,,my frenz always make such ball i can't take it at all due to its speed,, can u teach us? please,,

  24. Yes I do understand what shot you are talking about. That is a very useful shot more in singles. Yes I am planning to make clips for it so stay with me and I shall deliver it but I can not promise when. Thank you for coming. I will try soon. Lee

  25. Also looking very much forward to in-depth-instructions on those kind of shots. I thought your net kill video was excellent.

  26. Try this please. make your hitting action compact. Do not tap but gently push down. make action start to finish from in front of your body. Do not turn your body but make posture more facing the shuttlecock infront of your face and your cheat. Most importantly do believe your self you can do it. Lee

  27. Hi Lee, We are told to hit the shuttle as high as possible, why the elbow was not raised to highest point when making drop shot?

  28. There are many different kind of drop shots and each drop shots require different setting posture. I dis agree with the idea of taking shots at the highest point. It should be highest point of in front of body not above head. you will make a lot of mistakes and feel disadvantages in that way

  29. Dear Coach Lee,
    i would like to ask about the grip on forehand cross slice drop shot. should we use neutral grip or we should use the grip we use in forehand smash that has 10 degree's turn in handle? thank you very much.

  30. It is depending what kind of drop you would like to do. For simple flat drop, 10 degree turn grip would be good but if you would like to do deceptive slice drop then the grip will be different. Leeο»Ώ

  31. Hi Coach Lee, for simple drop shot, why is big wind up bad? Isn't it a good way to trick your opponent because they will think you smash, but then you just drop?

  32. You are right, that is good deception but the big action must not effect the actural shot (Accuriate and no mistake) then it is good. Lee

  33. HiCoach – What is the right follow up movement after the drop shot in doubles . Do you need to go to the net?

  34. No you should go to the centre of rear court. You have to cover rear both side and your partner have to cover net areas. Lee

  35. Make same impact point, take it in front of your body. Do smash like drop shot and drop shot like smash. Soon I am going to make deception skills. Lee

  36. hello. Sir how can i hit a perfect straight forehand drop.. i can reach the shuttle very easly but when i hit then it's negative. so how can i improve it ? i can do practise regurely but something doing wrong in this shot… plz. let me know true guidance.

  37. I think you have to impprove your hitting skills. check below:
    1. The shuttlecock must be infront of your body not above your head
    2. Your racket arm must be already close with shuttlecock before you hit
    3. use less swing/compact swing then big swing
    4. Straight should be hit bit softer
    5. do the right footwork, when you hit whole of your body should be moving foreward not backward
    6. Do positive practice if you still make mistakes

    Good luck. Lee

  38. well arent smashes better alternative to drop shots? as its easier for ur opponent to receive a drop shot if he is quick . So where exactly can we use drop shots ? Is it to be used as an energy saver shot ? because I just love jump smashes . frm the back court . Do you think its a good thing or should I vary my strokes,, and add some variety in my strokeplay.. ??

  39. That is a very good question. When you select a shot in a match, you must have good reason to. You drop because your opponent is waiting for your smash. Sometime you smash even your opponent is waiting for your smash when you smash from middle court. Each time you select best possible shot based of your opponent position, your position, his expectation, his strength and weakness. Lee

  40. and that is a very good answer πŸ™‚ thanks coach . As long as there are good coaches like u .Badminton wil never go Bad.. πŸ™‚

  41. Can you make a video about the physic of cutting/slicing? Im RH i can hit from left to right slice no problem but hving trouble hitting from right to left. Its amusing that your racket go side way but bird go straight

  42. Slice from right to left is easier to me ones you understand the ways to do it. Soon I will make the clips for it. Lee

  43. Hi Sir,
    I am playing regularly for a month now using a nylon shuttle and am following your tips. But I always find very difficult to hit these shots. Also I get deceived easily by opponent by these shots. Can you please elaborate all these shots in detail with all the body positions, movements etc. the way you explained power smash.

    Also It would be great if you can help me in understanding how I can return these shots based on opponent position.

    I am also using your technique for smashing, but I still find it difficult to hit a proper smash based on opponent position. Actually I am unable to concentrate both on opponent and shuttle at the same time. If I see the opponent I miss the shuttle If I concentrate on shuttle I end up hitting it too high or straight to opponent and end up losing the point. can you please help?

  44. Hi sir your videos are very useful..i have a doubt how to see position of opponent while playing i see only shuttle while hitting not the opponent…? thank you in advance

  45. Wow!! Your videos are very helpful. I love playing badminton but these vids really help me a lot, im playing better now in the court. Please do continue to make more videos. And i would love to see you and personally thank you. πŸ™‚

  46. which grip i should use during drop shot ….can i. use ready grip becozz. it is not so powerful shot so i should not change my grip to 10 degree right ???? can u suggest me in this case

  47. Hi sir, I need more explanation how to do drop shot. Can you make another video for it and please record from many angle of camera so that i can see how near (from the net) the shuttlecock goes in, so that i can imagine when i have to dropshot. Because sometimes i play single and double match, which is the timing of dropshot is really important, otherwise the opponent will just smash my dropshot especially in double match.

  48. thanks for your free videos. your teaching improves my badminton skills. thanks very much again

  49. Thanks this really helped but is it possible to have different angles of when you hit the shuttlecock as I'd find that more beneficial

  50. Good coaching and simple way of explaining. I appreciate and I will try to implement step by step. Keep up the good work. I need to get hang of back hand return. Any video on back hand return.
    Thank you.

  51. These videos are indeed the best references. I feel like the several different versions drops are all optimal for various scenarios. The first drop shown at the beginning is the most basic form that gets us ready for learning the next 2 show. It is mostly for us to gauge how much we put into the shot and to feel the flow of the shuttle being used. Different brands, different feel. Also great to warm up with to conceal the capabilities of the other 2 drops shown. The 2nd one I found works best when used after getting the opponent used to the cross court clear from forehand, cross court smash from either side, and straight smash if said smash was effective in previous points. Now the 3rd drop, I found very effective when dropping straight from the backhand side, after getting opponent used to all backhand side shots while rarely abusing forehand shots, and fake standing smash. But that's just me. I just found all 3 forms worked when I didnt drop the majority of my shots in-game and very rarely dropped at all.

  52. sir please upload detail technique to hit forehand drop shots and forehand and backhand lifts from net…

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