5 thoughts on “Badminton Fitness Training Type (15)

  1. I cannot believe that I couldn't even do 2 sets of 50 of this. Thanks to this video, I realize my core muscle is weak, maybe that is why I always struggle with balance when playing badminton?

  2. Mr. Lee…Thanks to these wonderful videos. One query, does the exercises mentioned in your series from13 to 15 reduce stiffness in your back.
    I manage to find time to play badminton twice in a week during the weekends but a stiff back prevents my free movement. I dont whether its due to my age(35 yrs). Needed your advise.

  3. I do not thinbk it is caused by your age. I think it would be good idea to make your back more flex and strong. But you may need to specialliest. Lee

  4. I am 9 years old and state level champion
    taking coaching in gopichand academy and i love your videos

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