Badminton: Follow Lee (2) The Net Kill 2-4 (How to Move Racket). Follow Lee – Lesson 1-4 The Net Kill (How to move racket) Move your racket the shortest way to the shuttlecock How to move your racket from ready position to the shuttle cock How to move your arm to the shuttle cock The definition is move your racket, move your arm shortest way to the shuttle cock, this is what I mean your racket is there, shuttle is coming hold it there, come closer, ya stop you are here go to the shuttle cock that way there go and then hit not like this 80-90 percent of club players do that move your racket to the shuttle straight way quicker, sharper ok throw shuttle wrong way right way again short forehand ready ready, shuttle there do that bang do that bang not ok with shuttle hold – tap hold – tap move -tap wrong way move your racket Lee Jae Bok

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