Badminton: Footwork for Backhand Clear

Now, backhand clear steps before I demonstrate the things has to be clear now, when shuttle has been hit to my backhand side every single shuttle cock is different height, length, speed is different there fore I have to have different steps different timing of steps each shot now, if shuttle goes high and deep I need more steps if shuttle goes flat fast, less steps much faster, much less steps but many players have one backhand step and then hit all different kinds of backhand clear watch this if shuttle goes high then at the beginning I have to do that small steps this small steps to adjust the different shuttle cocks so lets say shuttle goes high and watch my feet so because I do that I adjust the timing and when I found out, I move my right foot to the shuttle cock so, watch again shuttle is there do that if I don’t do it, if I just go many players do, club players shuttle goes there, they go there is no timing because I am too early I have to wait longer shuttle is high, I go already and wait but if I do the steps yeah, the timing is much better and its much more accurately your power can be used let’s say shuttle goes faster then I don’t have time to do two I may able to do only one if shuttle goes flatter watch my feet because shuttle goes faster I can’t do that there fore I will look, see and then go but if shuttle cock goes very high very high you have to do small at the beginning small step, last big little bit slow step that’s the way to create the power watch this small big little away not, just go many players when shuttle comes to the backhand side they panic they think they have to go now so shuttle goes they go like this squeezed they have to hit the shuttle away from the body away because its away I can use my power but, if I rush to the shuttle cock I can’t use my power stay away stay away stay away make big final step do not go to the shuttle immediately like this don’t go to the shuttle cock stay away and then big last step last one when you hit your right foot should land same time like this not no like that no power, no timing there is no time to do that and then hit because you are already late so hit, right foot lands same time like this

21 thoughts on “Badminton: Footwork for Backhand Clear

  1. its been awsome …. lee plz tel me how can i clear the shuttle from left rear court (banckhand) to the opponents rear court ..its very difficult as when i hit it just travel to the mid of the opponents court or it may just pass near through net… reply plzzz

  2. hi coach. your tips are fantastic and i would like to ask something. i'm a doubles player who is struggling! when the opponent drives the shuttle to the corner back court (my backhand) i'm often late in retrieving the shuttle. as such, i always end up either doing a weak and short backhand clear or attempt a backhand drop shot which opponents can easily kill as they can just rush forward.

    would appreciate if you can share any solutions!

  3. The best way is to intercept rather then follow the shuttlecock all the way.
    Try next time you can intercept. Lee

  4. My backhand always can't reach the backside of the other court ,how can I fix this problem?I've tried many times but it wont return far,only reaches the mid court

  5. how to hit the shuttlecock far because I cant hit from the backcourt to opponents backcourt. is it on wrist work sir?

  6. I try to do it but my back hand clear doesn't go deep in the other court. Can i do something to make my wrist stronger ? any exercise

  7. your videos are helping me improve so much. pls help me with my underhand backhand shot.. do you have a video on this

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