Badminton Footwork: Left Rear Corner (Type 2 Advanced)

Footwork skills – left rear corner (Advanced) Show me without, go 1 2 3 hit ready ready so when he lands immediately hit ready rather than hit ready hit ready and then pause to see where shuttle goes and then push again so very fast recover, slow recover why slow recover because you dont know where shuttle is going like you are approaching the traffic light you don’t know when the light will change so you are moving, you have to pause like this watch him hit ready like that hit ready push ready smash again hit ready 1 2 3 bang hit ready push as you see it, it is very distinctively he is doing fast recovery and because of that he has more time to see what his opponent is doing, because he is relaxed he can push off even faster that is the point of the movement in badminton he has to be moved like a wave fast slow fast slow fast in badminton you can’t move in one pace one more any where after this one hit ready smash bang hit ready push hit ready 1 2 3 bang

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