Badminton Footwork Training – बैडमिंटन हिंदी

First Exercise is one step shadow put your right leg ahead like shown bring your right leg behind like this jump and bring your right leg ahead bring left leg in front of the right again put the right leg ahead This is one repetition complete. The highlighted action is very important you have to do 3 sets of 20 repetitions Next Exercise is front court shadow Now you have to cover the two front court points make sure you return to the center after each point To ensure this you should keep a cone or shuttle tube at the center You have to do 5 sets of 30 seconds Back court shadow is smilar to the front court shadow you have to cover the back court corners First try doing the footwork slowly as you get used to it,try doing it faster You have to do 5 sets of 30 seconds Kids can’t go to the back in two steps, ,they should run backwards as shown next exercise is full court shadow Now we cover all six points of the court The front two points the middle points and the backcourt points Do 3 sets of 30 seconds take 30 secs rest between two sets Lets see another variation of the full court shadow Now we cover 3 points of one side first Again,do 3 sets of 30 secs In random shadow,your friend will stand close to the net and he will point randomly towards any of the 6 red points You have to run and do the stroke action where ever he points at Do 5 sets of 30 secs Always go to the center after each corner Do not run directly from one corner to another Your hand movement and leg movement should happen simultaneously To do do this well,all you need is practice Try not to turn your back towards the opponent As you get better at this you should increase the number of sets I hope you liked the sound of my new mic do give the video a like

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  1. Bhaiya muze aap ka whatshapp no chahiye please ,ye mera no hai 7007273453 kyuki mai kaee bathe youtub ke thru nhi puch saktha hu kyuki app ko kaee comments ka replay karna partha hai to patha nhi app mera comment kab dekh paoge to isleeye mai app ka whatshapp no mangrha hu please bhaiya please

  2. Hi elderest son is9years6months old ..and youngest son is 7years old..l will start badminton practice for next month. How l will start practice ourselves on school court .pls tell me…

  3. Bhai defence. Improve Karna hai koi video Dal. Mai ager forhend side par phocus karta hu to forhend Ka defence ek dam better jata hai but opp backbend side par ya body smash Kiya to Mai proper defence Nahi Kar pata hu . Instagram par rqe send Kiya hu

  4. Gud to learn from you,
    Coz when any foreigner teaches sometimes he missed that we won't having those equipment for practicing, but when any Indian teaches, he will definitely consider the fact that we need to practice with minimum resources, and assistance of others.

  5. Sir, my major objection in putting any solid object like shuttle box. In principle "shadow" practice means create a surrounding as near to playing condition without actual play. Any solid object like box, napkin or even shuttle on floor creates big mental and physical block to novice player. Player does all movements with fear in mind that he will topple over solid object. Secondly, if you see the trainee's moments around box he makes round turn. In actually play there is angled change of direction. So simple remedy is make small chalk marking (by permission of court authourity) and then see the movements. So much can be discussed about shadow practice if Any body is willing. Dr. shekhar Paranjpe

  6. Ek no. Bhaiya
    Pehla channel dekhra hu jo itni achhe se explain kar raha hai full details footwork ki
    Always support u
    All the best
    Hope we will met one day at badminton match

  7. Sir Kindly make a video on how return serve in doubles to avoid smash and powerful drives from opponents.

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