26 thoughts on “Badminton Footwork Training (2) How to Develop the Speed of Start Step

  1. This is a training for both developing leg strength as well as the ability of fast push off at the base. Player must do the push off step/start step to be able to chage direction as fast as possible. Lee

  2. Follow the clip, I tried to practice many times. For me, I would say I could push off and change direction fast if I do more small steps moving before I push off like the clip and It is a bit slow without small steps. Thats my personal experience. The results will be different from people to people.

  3. You are perfectly right. When you make small steps before you push off your push off timing will be better and more powerful. I believe it would be same to most of people. You did practise right. Lee

  4. coach, i find it hard to follow the footwork that you are teaching.. should i abandon that footwork that i think i am comfortable using and force to learn the footwork that you are teaching? your response will be of great help.. thanks

  5. It is dangerous me to say without seeing your footwork. If I see it then I will be able to tell. You may feel good with your own footwork because it is right or you feel that way because of you have been doing it for a long time but it may be wrong and limit your development. I have to see it to give you good answer. Lee

  6. If i want to avoid enemy's deception, should i wait until my opponent HIT the shuttle ??
    I've seen that if you go to it before your opponent hit it you lose balance and that makes to you impossible to get the shuttle back, and of course that makes you get tired sooner.
    Am i right??

  7. Yes you are 99% right. But sometime when you did really good shot and make your opponent very much under pressure then you may move before. But this is not in gamble way, it is based on your experience and the information you got from your opponent body posture and many other factors. Lee

  8. yes i think i get you.
    And i have other question, you say make that little jump as the first step to be faster and avoid deception, i see lots of profesionals players doing that but not lee chong wei and lin dan; the only make it when they are going to return an opponent smash.
    Why? How they are so fast if they dont do that?? :S

  9. If you look slowly everyone does it. It may look they do not do it but they do it. The way I show on the clip is to teach players so it is big and clear. In a match it can be done in very different way. Small compact. It looks like that experienced driver does not seem changing their gears but you can feel the changing gear when not experienced driver is driving. but where or not experienced they change gear. it is same players are doing the step one. Please see slow motion. Lee

  10. you are right, i was watching the 2011 world championship, it has such a good angle that i could see their inicial steep, but in others angles it still being very difficult to me recognize the first steep; mostly of the time chong wei's first steep.

  11. Thank you very much coach!! the movements are great and helpful, what's the girl name coach? she have a great step too. 🙂

  12. the guy in the red shirt, is his back court stroke wrong? he is not extending his arm to hit the shuttle at the highest point

  13. lee , the red shirt just use the head of his foot, the girl use the whole of her foot. who is right or both of them ?

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