13 thoughts on “Badminton Footwork Training (4) How to Develop Fast Reaction

  1. I notice that hte girl going up to the net has her racket down very low almost at the ground. Why isn't her racket close to the top of the net?

  2. because of you Mr Lee, my dreams will be achieved… after I beat the best in my team, I will show him your videos… so we as a team would be better! (^_^)

  3. @unikiran

    My theory is… It help you practice 3 things, first step(drill it into your muscle memory), seeing where the shuttle is going(concentration/focus), make use of the rhythm of the first step into footwork.

    I myself have a lot of trouble seeing where shuttle was going in the past, but after just 3 weeks of first step and footwork rhythm training, I find myself getting to the shuttle much earlier. More or less develop your first step, rhythm and focus into a habit.

  4. @shadowdemon03 Ok I would be very happy to help you to achieve your dream. If you believe in your dream, it will come true. Let me know when you have achieved your goal. Lee

  5. I think that is a very good way to do it. As it will help your reaction as well as your wrist and fingers. Good work. Lee

  6. Would you please upload your video. That is most effective way to see if there is anything I can help. Lee

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