Badminton Forehand Net Deceptive Flick (3) Take it in front of your body

Forehand Net Deceptive Flick (3) take it in front of your body Next element for this one is be able to take shuttlecock in front of your body this is crucially important Now shuttle is there watch my legs you should move look there and there so I see shuttle cock I see this corner I see that corner I see that corner I can see that corner so all 4 corners are in my view in my choices after the shot I am already ready and because I see the corners I hit it with vision but equally many players approach in this way watch this please so this is player A shuttle is there they go straight to that way like that so they look that way how can he do the cross net I can’t see that corner I can’t see difficult to see that corner further more I hit it and then I have to look for the shuttlecock after hitting like that my recovery will be slower than I hit it I am ready now hit and ready not hit and then ready it takes longer ok ready like that shuttle is there go there again hold there now compare now compare go there go like this or go like that so I hit it with guess compare again it should be there there there so the second point is move wide don’t follow the shuttlecock you lose vision so look shuttlecock the direction of viewing all the corners not only shuttlecock Move wider and take shot in front of your body then you will be able to see all

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