Badminton- Forehand Net Deceptive Flick (4) Look All Together

Forehand Net Deceptive Flick (4) Look All Together watch shuttlecock as well as opponent, opponent court together please watch my eyes ok watch my eyes this is the right way watch my eyes shuttle is there there there I am not only watching the shuttlecock I am not only watching the player I am not only watching the court I am watching all the things together compare the wrong way some players they have been told so many times watch shuttlecock, watch shuttlecock so they automatically just watch the shuttlecock like this so it looks like the dart player watch his dart and then throw the dart but it should be dart is there board is there they should be together not only watching the dart and throw looks like a boxer instead of watching his hands and opponent together looks like he is looking his hands and then punch it will not work but many badminton players just watch the shuttlecock and forget about opponent and opponent court if you are getting really better further more you will be able to see the players mind, intension and then what he is expecting from you so watch this please this is shuttlecock, opponent, opponent court watch this way like that I can see it I can see court don’t look this way only this one and forget about the other watch my eyes again yeah there first of all watch the shuttle but watch together watch, together there there there there there there wrong way right way

5 thoughts on “Badminton- Forehand Net Deceptive Flick (4) Look All Together

  1. A perfect teacher must give a perfect example for all his teachings…!
    You seem to give hoards of such example and your clear instruction and demonstration will always ring in my ears when I play. Thanks to you Coach Lee, I have improved a lot, that too in a very short period of time and all my club mates are surprised to see good techniques from me. I guess you deserve 90% of those accolades.
    Thanks Coach Lee.

  2. is it like when we see the shuttle and we hit without seeing it any further and look at the court for accuracy and opponent?

  3. So is watching the rest of the court and opponent involve peripheral vision OR you switch focus between near and far?

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