Badminton forehand NET SPIN tutorial

This video tutorial is about adding
spin to your shot in the center position very close to the net. You have maybe
seen many top players do this very very often when they are in the center
position playing very very close to the net but with a little spin in the
shuttle. Adding a spin to the shuttle and adding a little bit height to the shot
will make the shuttle come straight down very close to the net
making it very very tricky for my opponent to do a normal shot or in most
cases do the lift. So this spin shot in the middle it’s really really good if
you want to have the high lift so you could go back and do the attack. It’s
also very very tricky to master. So let me walk you through some of the
technical things in this shot. This shot like I said can be used in
the center position when playing a match but it can also be used as a
return in the singles in the left side. It can also be done in the right side
but it’s a little bit more tricky because we use the forehand
to do this shot. It’s also a bit dangerous because if you
don’t add the huge spin and if you still hit it a little bit high because you
wanted to go straight down well if their opponents see this all the quality of
your shot is not good enough well they have a chance of going up and do the
attack. Because the shuttle spins this way around when flying in the air
it’s easier for me as a right-handed to hit with a lot of spin because I
hit it the same direction as the shuttle spins around. So if you are left-handed
this shot is a little bit more tricky to do in the forehand because you need to
spin towards the rotation direction of the shuttle. So in a left-hand situation
a backhand spin would be easier to control and also to add the
extra spin in the shuttle. But you can try it in the backhand forehand
left-handed right-handed but you will probably see that it’s easier to do it
in the forehand if you’re right-handed and in the backhand like this this way
from right to left when you are left-handed. What we need to do
when going for this shot is that we need to reach it early. That’s
always a good thing to do in badminton. Don’t wait for the shuttle to
come close to your body but reach it close to the net and when I like you can
see I’m standing very close to the net so reach it all the way up here close to
the net or in the return move forward. You can say that when you hit
the shuttle it’s like you have a spoon in your hand and you are scooping the
ice cream or something like that. You go under the shuttle and up on the
other side. When I go to my shuttle I go down creating the spin but also
going upwards around the shuttle to add even more spin. If I only do like this
well the shuttle will spin a little bit but it will go out this way.
I really want it to go straight towards the middle so I need to go under it like
this so I can still hit it straight where I am like this. The grip is a normal forehand hand grip with the loose fingers just being relaxed. Don’t add too
much power. Use your arm to do the curved spin motion like this and when you do it
what’s also good to do is to have the angle of the racket going a little bit
down as you can see my wrist gets further up so I can hit the shuttle in this angle instead of doing it like this. This is
really tricky to master and if I hit it like this well this shuttle will maybe
just stay on my side or go straight up in the air. Side to the net, up with
the racket, down under the shuttle doing the spin upwards. I will show you in some
other video clips in slow motion as well where you can see what’s going on
when I hit the shuttle how will the shuttle spin when I hit it with all
these spins as you can see here I’m adding a lot of spin to this to the
shuttle when doing this type of shot. By doing it with different exercises
maybe close to the net maybe a little bit further back coming from the back
coming from the sides through the returns serve and then do the return in
the center position see if you can get it close to the net. See if you can get
the big spin on the shuttle and then maybe also try to see if your opponent
on the other side can return the shot. Is it even possible to do a really good
lift? In most cases it is but it is very tricky to do and it’s also
tricky just to play it back to the net so try these different variations of
this shot. You can also try it in the backhand try
it in the backhand if you are left-handed. All these different examples
you can try that on your own.

31 thoughts on “Badminton forehand NET SPIN tutorial

  1. I use voltric series yonex racket so suggest me the string tension. Most of them tells me to play with the wrist and it too difficult to control the shuttle so is it good to play with wrist and how to hold the grip doing so?

  2. HI, I am a Advanced level Badminton Player, But i take the shuttle too late, so what sort of things will help to take the shuttle earlier

  3. Your talent/ play is awsome… it really works!!!!… if you improve your english you are awesome!!!! Just my feedback.. anyways your knowledge to the game for others is awesome……keep it up

  4. Can you make a video how to FORCE opponent to play a shot that you can play spinning net shot? From forehand serve it is easy, but when opponent is playing faster dropshots into deadzonr, what can you do? Use deception so he has to play slower dropshot from behind or use smashes and spin from his net block? Thank you!

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