4 thoughts on “Badminton: Forehand Power Drive

  1. Many thanks for all of your videos, Coach Lee >> you've been a a real source of inspiration! What grip are you using here? Furthermore, might you consider making a video illustrating the different grips using strips of coloured tape on the handle to clearly illustrate the correct finger positioning?

  2. I have never thoughts about such idea but that make a real good sense to me. I will try to that way. Thank you so much for such good idea. I did use near to nutural grip from forehand grip. Lee

  3. So more or less the same grip as for the forehand smash? Many thanks for your swift response! I bought your "Power Smash" DVD a while ago, and it's improved my game no end! Do you have plans to make a video based around the backhand smash?

  4. Less the same grip of smash change 5% instead of 10%. Not for backhand smash yet as I have to the singles and deceptions first. I am please to know the DVD provides you the improvement. Lee

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