Badminton-Forehand Spin Net Shot

Forehand Spin Net Shot Hello, I am Lee thank you for coming in this video I am going to demonstrate how to make spin net shot, forehand spin net shot there are several learning points I will explain one by one first of all, how to hold the grip depending on the type of grip the shot, the quality of shot will be different the forehand slice net shot needs very sensitive feelings in the finger so the grip must be gentle and the racket should be hold by the fingers, end of the finger areas rather than this palm area so have a look number 1 point there should be little room here and this second finger is better to be straight rather than holding like that and the thumb also better to be straighted so thumb and second finger, hold together so slicing, using this two fingers and this 3 fingers hold the racket gently like this from in front there and there this is right way of holding the racket when a player is doing the slice net shot and this is wrong way like this this is for the power shot not very sensitive shot this is right way so more feelings at the end of fingers now how to spin the net shot its better to make semi circle rather than flat movement which I mean this not like that, slice like this do semi circle, like this in this way of spin, that will be more effective please have a look like this like that the important things here the player must take shuttle in front of their body which is here so they have room to slice it if they hit it side of their body which is here then its difficult to carry on slicing because shuttle is in front of the body that is possible but side of the body that is not possible so when shuttle is little bit side here then its better to move little bit wider so that action is posssible like that rather than go like this thats difficult ok wrong one with shuttle shuttle is there not here not there this is not right way this one should be hit by this position like this so there is more speed the third one take shuttle as high as possible that way more safe shot can be made, which is this higher rather than here not here should be here and the posture should be same the level of eyes, the level of impact should be similar much better control will be made like this there rather than here – here does not match for techniques like that, lots of repeat will be essential for practice, this kind of forehand net shot slice spin also backhand net shot when you have spare time you can practice like this have one normal shuttle and then you can slice forehand as well as backhand in any directions in this way you will be able to develop it your eyes to hit the cock rather than the feather practice is like this I hope you enjoyed this video thank you

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  1. You are most welcome. It will take time and you may need practise for sometime.
    Please be possitive and try until you are able to do it.

  2. Coach …i want to improve my single…as my centre of gravity always faked by the advanced player…yesterday night i played with a girl who plays so well..her net play in second timing faked me …and always make me passive…her second timing shot made me run so messy….how to do with that….i am frustrated after that game…she is very deceptive…

  3. There are two reasons why you easily decived by your opponent. 1. You may assume your opponent shot rather then see it and move. 2. You worry about your opponent shot so instead of whatching it in real your imagination works. Try to stop while your opponent is hitting and move after. It is better to move later theh move too quick. Remember move later, after you really see your opponent shot. Do not assume. Lee

  4. Coach lee , is there any video of yours about backhand cross court slice ?? sometimes i see my friends dont slice it because the sound when they hit is like backhand clear but the shuttle go cross court and very they do that?

  5. You have to make setting very same as if you hit backhand clear then do the drop shot. It need to be explained with clip and I will do that in the near future. I ma going to more detailed new clips soon so it may give you better idea. This will be started in June. Lee

  6. Please visit my web site and contact me using [email protected]
    then please let me have information about you and your badminton as much as possible. After that I will propose you the way forward. Lee

  7. Hi There. Thank you for becoming a member of my chennel. Thank you very much for your kind words about my coaching. I have seen your chennel too and I do know who you are in your subject. You are saving many people and I do respect you for that. When ever you are coming to UK, please let me know we may be able to find some time for me to look at your skills and help you to improve. I very much look forward to meeting you on court in the near future. Lee

  8. Meanwhile, please watch the clips and try to practice the skills and any problem you face, please come back to me. Lee

  9. So in forehand slice net shot–grip w/both control fingers straightened. Then what kind of grip to use for forehand normal net shot? And what about backhand? Thanks!

  10. Forehand normal net drop has to be pan handle grip and back hand normal net drop, the second finger should be more stretched. Lee

  11. You mentioned to take shuttle as high as possible. This makes the shuttle quite high when crossing the net. Will this not make it easier for the opponent to smash the shuttle afterwards?

  12. How high you take and what shot you do it very much depending on where your opponent is, if your opponent is in balance or off balance, what he expect you are going to do and so on. Lee

  13. i am very poor in net shot,but this will change my game,every coaches can say u r wrong but no one cant teach how the way to play.they dont know.

  14. tis is great! Coach can we see a video on Back hand cross court net shots? and playing near the net when the shuttle has dropped very low?

  15. Hallo Lee,

    I have a question. I think many top Badmintonplayers slice the shuttle in and out at both sides. Why do you slice only in the Forehand- side (in), and in the backhand- side (out)?

    Thank You very much!
    Nice video;)

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