Badminton: Hitting Skills

Hitting Technique right way of hitting shuttle cocks hitting technique, there are 2 things to be remembered number 1 be able to take shuttle in front of body number 2 be able to take shuttle away from body this is essential what ever a player do the player should be able to try to do this 2 important elements I will explain why this 2 are important number 1 take shuttle in front of a player body the lower level player beginners when they hit shuttle their eyes only go to the shuttle not the other side of player, net or court little bit advanced player while they are hitting shuttle cock they can see net, opponent, opponent court together so, they can make more accurate shots even more advanced player, international player they can see shot as well as opponent also opponents mind for example in order to do that they have to take shuttle in front of their body for example, if they take shuttle here then shuttle, net, opponent they can see together so they can actually hit while they see the corner straight or cross straight lift or cross lift but if they take shuttle side then their eyes angle goes that way and then take shuttle that way so, there is no match forehand same in front I can see shot and opponent altogether I know some times player cannot take all the shuttles in front of their body because they are forced by opponent what I am saying is the problem is when they have time to take shuttle in front of their body they don’t because of their wrong habbit that’s problem not only that, shuttle goes to the rear court then the player must move their feet and then take shuttle in front so their weight can go together after the shot they are ready but because they take shuttle above their head or late they loose their balance so, if you take shuttle in front of your body there are lots of benefits but if you take shuttle side of your body the accuracy, power, deception and speed of movement will be badly effected number 2 take shuttle away from the body there are racket length, arm length if a player use this length when they are playing it looks like they don’t move too much and they take shuttle earlier which means they are making their court smaller but if a player taking shuttle near their body then their court will be like foot ball ground also just imagine the accuracy if they take net shot like this it will be more effective and accurate rather than take shuttle like this like this let’s say drive take shuttle away from the body here here here here there away rather than take shuttle near their body better that way early lets say net shot it will be better use arm like this like that like this rather than wasting, this should be changed to the reason why I say this is roots of badminton because what shot ever player do this will apply this logic will influence every single shot movement and everything like deceptions, power more demonstrations take shuttle in front of their body ok watch this please net shot here here there so I can see together wrong side of their body there there there like this another word lets say there is a window in front of window there is a vase out side of window there is a human a person is walking around player must be able to see 3 things all together not only window not only outside person they should be able to see all 3 things together same time that is advanced badminton have a look taking shuttle side of their body and in front of their body how it looks different drop shot please in front there there there side of there body watch my face again in front of their body please remember if you wanted to play advanced badminton two things take it in front of your body take it away from your body you will gain lots of benefits

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