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How to Cover the Court Hello thanks for coming I am Lee in this video I would like to show you how to cover the court doubles and singles and mixed doubles you hit shuttle a corner and opponent always able to hit you straight angle to you or across or to the center center if shuttle comes to me and lets forget the center one then my opponent will be able to hit me straight clear, straight smash, straight drop shot or across clear, across drop shot, across smash so there is always straight and across angle in badminton the question here is how to cover those sides should we be 50-50 50% right hand side, 50% left hand side or 40-60 or 60-40 the other way round if so and why? that is the point in this video during my coaching career in asia, in europe I experimented many times about this thing and nearly 80-90% it works what I did to players is this I stand one corner and I ask player to stand exactly center yes like this and I say to him, I am going to hit shuttle here so you can hit any where so he expects here and when I am standing here it means in game he hit shuttle to this corner that’s why he is looking at this point so he is ready here which is straight he hit this corner and his mind is ready for straight and then what I do is this ready I will hit here, you can hit any where go ok ready go yes like Robin he knows what I am going to do so he is able to take that one but when the players have no idea what I am going to do then this happens so just this now Robin is trying to think this corner his mind is only ready for this corner so, in that time you have to ready go ok then ready go yeah like that that happens when his mind is ready for straight corner and then shuttle goes across side player cannot take that one one more so everything ready here ready so his mind is ready here and shuttle goes like this again just forget about that one so he is ready for this one yeah like that and difficult to take that one but not the other way round now different player who had not seen it before I say to him new one I will hit that corner so his mind is ready for across he forgot about straight corner so he expects me to hit there ready go ready go again ready go ready go that player can take so what I am saying is this if I hit straight corner if mind is ready for straight return and then shuttle comes to across side I cannot take that one but when I hit straight corner my mind is ready for across side and then shuttle comes straight then I can do that no problem so, as the level goes higher the players hit some where there body is ready for straight but there mind is 60-70% ready for across side so he is covering full court for example like this in singles ready I will hit that corner can you do cross drop shot please ok hit like this and like that you will see this picture very often in real game the lower level players when they hit that corner their body, their mind is ready for straight, this corner and they cross it and they could not take it can you do that again so this is lower level player shuttle is there he follows and then, finished but high level players they hit that corner their body is straight corner because its fast straight fast, across is more length and angle is narrow but there mind is ready for this one have a look so they hit there they follow, but they are aware of that corner so, this is what I am going to say you hit any corner then your body physical body should be ready 60% straight side, but your mind should be ready 60% across side then you will be ready for both ways have a look please so, when I am standing here then Robin stay little bit physically yes because its fast so, but your mind should be ready for other side so drive cross way drive ok any time go across its ok because he is aware of that because his mind is there more yeah ready ready keep going there its easy easy but have a look if Robin’s mind is same straight side more than across side then that ok try, just think of this ok ready and then there again ready ready for straight ready for straight yes that happens very often now change again, be ready for there more in your mind so his mind is across side but straight is ok and then across easy the other side same here and body is like that same side, same side because this is straight and then his mind is ready for across one so ready ready ok ready ok that one mind was straight ready mind is straight yes mind is across side mind is across side straight is ok but not the other way round ready for straight, your mind is ready for straight ready here and go you can try with your partner tonight in your club your mind ready for straight and shuttle comes across side you cannot take it ready one more ok your mind should be across side ready there so his mind was ready there thats ok thats ok but still thats ok too but not the other way round so your mind is straight he expects me to hit straight so expects straight so ready here yeah its very difficult so now can you stay there in singles some people they do block side ways smash there block to the net and then their body and their mind is ready for straight corner this one if they do 1 2 3 all other corners problem higher level players what they do their opponents smash there they block it they don’t go here after they block it they go to the center because this corner is the easiest corner he is ready for other 3 corners if a player after block if they are ready for this corner then he is ready for most easy corner and make empty for different corners have a look after block ready for this corner so after block ready for this corner thats problem again same after ready, ready for this corner its difficult one more ready after block your mind and body ready for here and that’s problem now the other way round, which I believe is the right way after block forget this one and ready for go back to base further ok go back corner that’s ok and then his mind is ready for the other corners not this corner because this you can take it even when you don’t think about this one ready go back to center go center, that’s ok same go back to the center that’s ok one more go back to the center but still no problem when he is not thinking of this corner so he is ready for all corners but watch again this one come ready for this one after block after block ready for this corner so in singles one more experiment so Robin is ready for this one and this one ready go he is ready for this one and that one sorry sorry this two he is ready for this one and that two corners this one and that one when I am standing here which means he is ready for straight corner or now have a look carefully two corners that corner and that corner so he is ready for across corner as well as for straight corner he is ready he is not ready for this corner and the other corner same two corners so he is ready this corner he is ready that corner but some times shuttle here this two, that corner and that corner when shuttle comes here no problem same ready for this two when shuttle goes the other side that’s ok but like before same two corners ready for this one and this one ready for this one and that one this one and then difficult so if you are playing singles you hit any where then your mind you should be ready for two corners straight back corner, across front corner that will be beneficial to you in order to cover all corners for example ok Robin can you stay there you hit shuttle here if you cover two corners which two corners yes and then you hit shuttle here which two corners yes same if you hit shuttle corner here which two corners will you cover those yes same if you hit shuttle here yes have a look lets see shuttle is here so ready your mind is there and there ok ready go lift it that corner and that corner again so net that’s ok because you are facing it but lets say can you be ready this two corners please forget the other two so if you are ready for the same side so ready straight corner and then shuttle goes across side, cannot take it ok one more please make empty the front corner except if you hit very steep net shot then it will come closer, that’s different situation but if you do normal net shot then don’t come close after net shot come close, this is wrong come close and that’s problem after net shot go back to base after net shot go back to the base that’s ok still ok same go back to the base go back to base and then that’s ok so that way you will develop your view of the whole court please try this evening with your partner you say nothing to him and you say to him you stand one corner ask him to be center I am going to hit here and so ready this one ready go and then he cannot take it and next time you say ready that corner and then he will take this one again so you empty your mind, ready go, yes like this your mind is there ready go yes still ok please try its amazing why that happens if I am ready like if I am ready like this and then shuttle pass like that I am going that way, shuttle is passing so difficult to follow but if my mind is there shuttle is there then you still can go so I think that’s why, that’s I have studied so in doubles especially in singles this way of thinking is crucial, very very important especially for higher levels thank you

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