Badminton-How to impact the shuttlecock with a Backhand Clear

ok I would like to talk about how to make impact for backhand clear you have to tap do not follow you have to tap what I mean by tap is this impact time use your power once and bring it back rather than follow through no like that because, when shuttle goes faster behind you you don’t have time to do that action because you are late that’s why you are taking backhand so you have small time, short time so you have to use your action shorter, powerful and compact shuttle goes and tap bang so watch this, slowly this is not right way no this is ok but not the best way the best way is bring it back little bit bang that way you will create extra power, because you have to stop and backward, that will give you more power one more not like that or stop the best way is tap one more no not the best way bang now today if you can only hit the shuttle cock from here to mid court using this technique, better to do that way because once you are able to tap it that means you have timing right, after 1 week you can do that after one month you can do that but if you stay pushing way or following through way like this it does not matter if you play 10 years your backhand clear will remain exactly same way so try different way the right way with right logic each time you play you will improve last put this thing in your mind this picture, this tap picture ok over there now I am hitting that way watch this wrong way or right way bang last soon, very soon you will feel the power you will be surprised with short action like that shuttle even goes much longer, than like this

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