Badminton: How to Return the Flick Serve

in this video we’re gonna talk about the
flick serve return so in doubles when we want to return the shuttle standing here
we want to of course cover the net and attack the net but sometimes the
opponent does a flick serve and we still want to reach the shuttle and still be
able to force the offense so the first thing we want to focus on is the start
position we want to lean forward so we can reach a potential short service if
the serve is the flick serve we want to travel to the back court as fast as
possible so the first thing we want to focus on is to transfer the weight from
the front leg to the back leg after the transfer of the weight we want
to head into a fast side shuffle and then end with a China jump or scissor
jump so because we don’t have a lot of time to execute this shot we want to use
our forearm rotation right after the backswing so like this and hit okay we
don’t have a lot of time to do a big motion here when we land we want to still aim to be
in balance but if we’re not able to still be in balance it’s okay because we
have a doubles partner and he or she is going to cover the net let’s also talk about where we can hit
the shuttle if I do a cross shot the court would be wide open so we want
to aim for straight shots maybe in the middle or straight down the line that
would be preferable thanks for watching guys hope you
enjoyed it if you have any questions or comments leave them below will
appreciate that see you in the next video Thanks

88 thoughts on “Badminton: How to Return the Flick Serve

  1. What if the serve is wide to the tramline? The distance you have to cover is greater plus you have to move diagonally and may have to go around the head as well.

  2. Of course a cross attack is always risky in doubles, but in flick serve i think it's not too bad. The reason is that the server might not be 100% ready for a defence because he/she will have to move a bit backwards so his/hers defence might be weak. What do you think about that?
    Great video as always, keep it up!!

  3. Sir please please please make the tutorial video about Lin dan's famous bacward lift… And wonderful video😁😁😁😁

  4. Really liked this video! Could you do a video on how to hit a shuttle with the snap/crisp sound that you make when you did the smash?

  5. Nice video! As a female mixed doubles player I get the flick serve a lot as women tend to have a harder time returning it. So I practice a lot with my coach, but always good to watch videos and hear from other coaches as well. (Also I train and play in China where I do everything in Chinese, but of course English is much easier for me to understand! haha. So thanks for doing these in English! 😛 )

  6. are you using the victor thruster falcon? 4ug5? how is it? im currently using the tk9900 4ug5 and i love it. wondering if i should add the tk falcon to my collection

  7. And no doubt, Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo's flick serve is definitely one of the best. Many players try to learn his flick serve, so it's very properly nice to learn that flick serve return using these video.


  8. Hey Badminton Famly!
    How about Q&A video?
    Try to announce the famly to use hastags for questions like stuff regarding badminton and cover those Q&A in new video.
    Btw enjoyed every single video!
    Love 😍

  9. Guys, a huge thank you for a great channel. I think I've watched almost all of the single videos on this channel along with technique ones and they are amazing. Keep up the great work. Have you considered making a video on general strategy in singles (and doubles)? I think a lot of low level players like me would be interested in how to approach the tactical aspect of the game from the very basics and I cant find quality content like that you on youtube.For example, what is your main goal when returning a serve? If you hit a longer shot, what is your aim of that shot? If you make a short one, what position does that put you into? Just the basics in that aspect, I think it would help a lot of people improve.

    Keep up the great work guys! Peace

  10. Eh… Theres a "dirty" flick serve that i wish you could have shared, the flick thats almost flat like a drive and its targetted at the recievers overhead.

  11. Only watching the video & learning the tricks isn't good enough !! you'll need a strong pair of legs to execute that shot ! See,the receiver has made one step behind with footwork and then the most of the space was covered by one big jump backwards.Now ppl know the technique,they need to know how to strengthen legs(gyms & exercise needed)! Hope to see a video on that too…

  12. Please make a video for exercise of wrist for a stronger and efficient movement of wrist. Whoever agrees like this comment.

  13. Thanks for your tips!!! Am from Mauritius 🇲🇺 start playing in late ages and amateur but always watch for your tips,it the best for me,short video,less time to spend but a lot of understanding!!! A very thanks!!!👍🏽💪🏽

  14. Would be great to see some talk about strategies on your channel for both doubles and singles. Positioning relative to partner, setting shots, movement, etc. Things like how you mentioned cross shot will open court. Thanks.

  15. What about the foot position which one is better? To use like you or facing parallel with the serve line? Just ask cos my coach who was an int. top player in France say the parallel stand is better as it use more muscle for movement.

  16. Hi! In xd when the girl answers the flick serve the short defence is it covered by the guy?
    could she play cross in front of the male player? Have
    U any suggestion?


  17. Hey Rasmus&Thomas, since the shuttle travel is quite long and the chest remains open I'm quite fine with this one. I struggle a LOT more with the flick serves aimed at court center on the even/right side and on the outer side on the odd side. Could you please advise ?

  18. Great video as my short service defense is good but need tips to play against flick serve. Now I have something to practice on Tuesday.

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