Badminton Intensive and Advanced Movement Training (2)

Intensive and Advanced Movement Training (2) This is very concentrated and very demanding training item for singles players also doubles players be able to change directions strong and powerfully and be able to pause until opponent hit and then change as he comes so I designed this one to make it more advance the base make players don’t know which way to go ok have a look at this please ok ready go 1 well done 2 1 2 1 2 stop well done have a look I am going to call 1 and 2 random base way have a look please ok ready 2 2 1 1 2 stop so he must wait in the air the person who call should call must call when he is in the air so when he lands he knows where to go I am going to make this even harder please have a look what I mean by that ok ready 1-2 2 2-1 1-1 2 2-1 1-2 what I did there when he is in the air I called 2 so he is ready to go 2 but just before he lands I said 1 again so he has to change again that is what badminton players need to do I saw many players they are ready and they think shuttle is coming there so they prepare to go there and the shuttle goes there instead of they change and go they stop there and just staring at the shuttlecock just giving up why because shuttle did not come as I expected and the player just give up that is completely wrong idea because badminton is designed to make deceptions opponent will do everything to send you to wrong direction so ready to go there and shuttle goes the other way that is badminton so when that comes to you never ever give up that shuttlecock if you go I know you can get it back its your mind, your will to go but many players they just simply stop and give up because shuttle gone the area he did not expect but please remember that is badminton ok ready 2-1 1 1-2 2 2-1 1-2 what I did to Perry was sometimes I called one number sometimes I called two numbers so he does not know which one is real if I always call two numbers he knows the first one is not real there will be second one so he will wait for second one but when I call just one number and sometimes call two numbers then he does not know which is real so that is required for him to do the training like real match

4 thoughts on “Badminton Intensive and Advanced Movement Training (2)

  1. dear Lee.
    i have a problem when playing single.
    my rival is very good at net skill. He often fake the net skill. 
    example: he fake drop shot and then push the shuttle to baseline

    Can you show me some tips to go against that? 
    thank you 😀

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