Badminton Just for Laughs (1) Funny hand posture and face impression during hit

Badminton Just for Laughs (1) Funny hands posture and face impression during hit This is just for laugh I see a lot of players have very funny left hand arm posture and I realized that they don’t know what they are doing please see number of things and see yourself, you might do that too ok some people they are too nervous, too focussed so their hands finger goes straighter it goes every where and quite often ladies very shy even more that’s ok, that’s fine but there are even worst cases not only hands, not only arm sometimes their faces they focus too much ok watch my face I am sure I did not ask the person she/he didn’t know they are doing they normally, watch my face it should be like this but what they do is their mouth opens and hit it looks like they are using their mouth to generate power so please check your face, your hands I wonder what posture you might have

14 thoughts on “Badminton Just for Laughs (1) Funny hand posture and face impression during hit

  1. Haha. I was laughing so hard when you were telling the story. Then at the end, you logo showed up and it really resembled the funny posture you were describing – which made me laugh even harder.

    I was thinking it would be very funny if they had those habits because they tried to resembled your logo thinking that it's how it should be. :))

  2. Funny! When it comes to serving I know some players I can easily read when they will flick the serve either by changing their regular stance or by opening their mouths just before hitting the shuttle. Then there's all kind of funny serving habits; even some of the advanced players seem to have a confidence problem with serving.

  3. haha good video, i would like to suggest a video about how some players yell or grunt before they make a smash or powerful shot

  4. been seeing you coaching with serious face in your videos, good to see you making jokes and laughing! thanks for the coaching videos, they are awesome!

  5. Hey Lee. I am a high school badminton player, and I have noticed something about many of my school's opponents. Many times after scoring a point, they will shout something that sounds like "soooool." Any idea what that's about.

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