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Hi Friends,I’m Kartik and today we will learn how to hit a Lift Lift is hit from near the net to your opponents backcourt Lift is a defensive stroke If you are caught out of position then you can hit a very high lift,so that you get time to recover and come back to the center position Let’s see how to hit a forehand lift You should hold the racket with Forehand Grip Right leg should be in front and the non-racket hand should be used to maintain balance as shown A lift in slow motion looks like this Main Source of power is your forearm and fingers You should hold the racket loosely and then hold it tightly just before you hit the shuttle Racket should be held loosely at first and should be held Tightly while hitting the shuttle Let’s see how to hit a backhand lift Hold the racket using the backhand grip Right leg should be in front In backhand lift main source of power is your thumb At first the racket should be held loosely and while hitting the shuttle you have to push ahead with your thumb Backhand lift in Slow motion looks like this If the shuttle is in front of you,you should hit it using a backhand grip When the shuttle is very close to the net you have to hit the shuttle very high with a lot of force Let’s see a few Practice Drills If you cannot make proper contact with the shuttle then you can practice like this A friend will feed you shuttles and you have to try to hit them with correct form and technique Once you can make contact,you can practice as shown. You should try to hit the shuttle near the corners You can also practice with a wall as shown If you can lift quite well,then you can practice as shown A Friend will feed the shuttles randomly and you have to try to get to them! Now we will look at some common mistakes Source of power is not the shoulder.Do not swing the racket as shown Do not keep the elbow stiff as shown You should not always hold the racket very tightly You do not have to swing the racket to the side you have to bring the racket upwards It is wrong to hit a backhand using the forehand grip if you do this,your backhand will have less power Initially you might find it tough to switch between forehand and backhand grips But it is very important to get used to it!

26 thoughts on “Badminton LIFT Technique | Badminton Training in Hindi | Badminton School Hindi

  1. Very good…..
    All points covered…best video in hindi. Pls also cover: footwork from backcourt to front court for lift (out of position). Means, from centre we are fully in position.
    Baaki sab badiya hai…..aur video banao bhai.

  2. very nice g sir plz ap k pas recket kon sa ha or weasy kon sa racket use krna chahiye plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. भैया आपने कहा कि हम लिफ्ट दीवार पर maar कर भी कर सकते हैं तो उससे कॉक टूट सकती है क्या खराब हो सकती है प्लीज answer my question 1st

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