Badminton-Mixed Doubles: (1) Strategy for when Male Partner is Serving Low

Mixed Doubles When Male partner is serving Low Male player – Be ready for middle & rear court Female player – Be ready for the net kill go ready kill well done much better go yes Important Feet Movement skill for Female player Two Fee must ready together (Please watch her feet movement) ready go kill well done much better Right Female Player’s Position Right handed female player should be positioned left side of the court when male partner is serving from either side of the court Watch Female Player’s position please go ready kill well done much better go yes The Wrong Female Position One side is too easy and leave too much room for the other side of the net lady goes the other side go the other side because you are serving this side, she goes that side ready ya like that, which too much room here imagine you are left hand ready ok so now, if you are left hand if you stand here then too easy, too much room Left handed female player Should be positioned on the right side of the court when her male partner is serving from either side of the court so you have to be there, yes like that stop, racket points the person now service from that side, ya point this person like this so he got the point, he change side and you stay same side left foot forward, more left foot forward yes go like this you got the point, now change side left foot forward, yes like this ok now you are right handed, no this side yes ready go yes now you got the point change side well done

11 thoughts on “Badminton-Mixed Doubles: (1) Strategy for when Male Partner is Serving Low

  1. I am afraid not. Level doubles and mixed double is very different. You may use this tactic if one of two is very strong and the other is very weak player. Lee

  2. Hello coach Lee, just to make sure I get it all right. The right handed lady places herself on the left side of the field, regarldless where the man serves from, AND regardless wether the man is righthanded or lefthanded, is this correct?
    I am a righthanded female myself, during a match, my lefthanded partner insisted that I sit on the right side, because of the fact he is lefthanded. Useless to say that it was very unconfortable to play like this.
    Thanks in advance for your confirmation.

  3. The answer of your first part of question is "Yes Right" After your partner serve short he has to go back and ready for middle and rear court and you have to cover both net corners. You stay on your reft side as you are right handed player, it is nothing to do whether or not your partner is left handed or right handed. You will have big emty space on your left net corner if you stay on your right hand side while when he is serving. Lee

  4. Hi Lee, Great video. It really highlights this sequence in play. I have a question. Is it always the male that goes for the mid-court shots and the female focuses just on the net return? If so where should the male go if the female trys to cut out a straight, mid court, push return? Should he cover the lady just in case she misses or should he go to a more central position?

  5. 1. He should be still ready just incase she may miss it
    2. Yes that is right male covers middle court

    above are the standard way but depending on female players ability it can be bit changed. If she is good she take take more shots. Lee

  6. Hello, therfore I have a question. I´m also a male lefthand player, my female partner is playing with her right hand. My question is the situation in the video 0.14 sec. If the opponent is playing the shuttle long to the corner, not short, I can´t reach it.. What can we do?



  7. Hi coach Lee, 
    what if the male partner chooses to stand up close to the T when serving low? should the female partner then by covering the back? 
    My partner and I are playing mixed but I am slightly taller than him.
    We are constantly switching positions, and agreed that whoever serving will play net and the person who isn't will cover the back. Is this a good strategy? Or should the female player always be at net?

  8. Hi Lee, if my partner, the mixed boy, is right-handed and I, the mixed girl, is left-handed, then should I still stand on the right side or should I stand on the left side?

  9. Hi coach Lee, what if male player receive serve? Both low and high. Can you add more video for that to? Thanks!!! 
    Great list, thank you so much!

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