4 thoughts on “Badminton MXD PART 1 — rotations

  1. Pratipat. if you have time have a read of my basic mixed doubles tactics page.  I wrote this when I was living and coaching in Asia. I stopped writing on my return so never did get to part 2.

  2. Gerry, I've read what you wrote about mixed doubles. I agree with just about everything. It's like you said, " basic mixed doubles tactics." I wish you luck on finishing part 2.

  3. gerry471, Have a look at my video on the 3 phases of doubles. I think you could possibly use the information for your Part 2 of MXD.

  4. Hello Pratipat, thanks for this useful video. I'm not a native speaker so I don't know what you mean by a set up shot. And why can't we make a safe shot behind the lady ? Thanks. Also, would you have tips for the lady to go back to the front court after receiving a flick serve ? Thank you.

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