Badminton naboso | Badminton barefoot 18.12.2016

So today I’m gonna play badminton barefoot, again. I’m here with Andrej So it will be hardcore for me playing just in two but I’m excited. So I’m ready. Let’s play! Some impressive moments from the game 🙂 Zatiaľ je to pohodička.
It’s still ok. So, I’m going back home My feet are little bit destroyed by badminton. On the bottom of my thumb there is a blister. I’m not sure if you can see it. Here. moja nôžka po badmintone
my feet after playing badminton And I have to be here, because… that standard wagon part it’s pretty overheating, there’s too hot for me. so I have to be in this part for bikers. I’m alone here, at the moment, so I will see. I feel good, I took off my shoes, so it is fine. Have a nice evening!

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