Badminton-Play To Win 14: Wrist and Finger Power Training

Training – Wrist and Finger Power Lee is trying lot more physical end of coaches for me lot of your physical work should be done off the court as well as on the court and but when you get on court with Lee you know you are going for tough session I would like to try some badminton training first one in order to improve wrist power and finger power some times we could use racket head cover on the racket but this training is not for children or under 15 for who have not got enough strength or fitness to do it this training is good for international players ok now would you like to come forward please let me demonstrate here lets little bit wider here and your racket will be in front of you ok let me demonstrate forehand first good little faster please stop with this racket head cover players won’t be able to hit it if they make big swing forward closer please like that, if they make swing its very difficult to hit it they have to make tap small flash swing which is that sought of thing ok now, backhand same put your racket forward in this training don’t be ready for backhand already like that ready for both side and then tap tap same if they make bigger swing its very difficult to control the shuttle now make short flash faster swing ok now another important thing in your level to have good rythm and timing coordination with the shuttle now try to move your feet same time watch this there ok like that backhand same here relax little longer please ok so with little bit of movement Simon’s would you like to try this one ready go very good fine very good now backhand please good stop very good ok this training is very very important in order to improve the finger power in these days, finger power is very important to have especially for international players because we can make very flash fast swing ready relax and tap it good ok stop now lets reduce the swing little bit more would you like to do it again, please now here so Tania you went little bit this much now try to do that try you can do it, don’t need to hit harder but should be faster, go ok good better again, do that again smaller ok good its not too bad at all so what I am thinking here would you like to feed me again please what I mean by the finger power is could you move this side is there that that so if players do this sought of training what they can do later is this they can hit shuttle with out wrist movement at all even rather than like that like this

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