Badminton-Play To Win 3: Basic Grips

Grip and Posture ok lets see grip now, I think grip is very very important because if you have wrong grip, you are likely hit the wrong shot its like when you wear jumper, you put top button wrong then you finish with wrong button later so it does not matter how you do it you will have wrong button if you have wrong button at the top so right grip is right button, wrong grip is wrong button its that important, ok another important thing is to have ability to change the grip time to time when you see the shuttle in your backhand side you have to have backhand grip, when you see the shuttle on the forehand side you have to have forehand grip put your racket forward a little bit at this time I call it natural grip because at this time you don’t know where the shuttle will come whether right hand side, left hand side you don’t know so you have to be ready for both sides so you won’t see your racket face at this time could you do that please ready very good lets do backhand, backhand most important there are 2 important things 1. You have to use thumb 2. Your wrist move will be like that rather than like this ok those 2 things are very important ok lets try the first one ready please here this thumb, ya ready when you go backhand that one goes there so thumb goes wider part of the racket, can you do that please ready natural grip go backhand and then push, that’s it, that’s good now again ready change backhand excellent hit good now forehand ready here ok change grip so you are facing the shuttle before you hit it so again natural grip change tap good again ready change tap good, that’s for tapping at the net ok shall we try the wrong one again so that you can see the different feelings ready please ready, don’t change grip 1. racket does not face the shuttle 2. naturally you have to slice it if you don’t change grip

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