23 thoughts on “Badminton: Power Smash

  1. @SinghaPower Thank you very much for your kind comment. I will do more detailed smash clips in the near future. Lee

  2. hey im on a school team at the moment and i would stay i'm just beginer in a way, is there any tips you can give me? Thank you

  3. @ELnationz Hi, it would be a good idea to look all the clips related with "Roots of Badminton" that will give you good basic understanding then look for basic skills such as grip, movement and hitting actions. Lee

  4. Please try followings.

    You must make some room between the shuttlecock and your body. Shuttlecock should be in front of your body. Then you can make good smash. Make short compact smash rather then using big swing(you can do it when you have lots of time) Not to turn your body and eyes from your opponent court(make impact point in front of your body not side of it) Most important thing is to create room between you and shuttlecock. Lee

  5. Hello There
    Please give me more details. How many hours you have to give and how long each sessions, there abilities, how many students and how many courts are available. Lee

  6. You should give them below:
    1. Good fun, service and return service, play some games or (half court games if there are not enough court and finish with good running(hard training) Add your own ideas too. Lee

  7. hi mr lee..i watched your video about the smash..and u told to turn 10 degree close elbow and straight and smash the shuttle but when i watch pro players they use different tactic i give you the video link

  8. Everyone has different ways to hit. Please try different ways and you must choose one suit you best. Lee

  9. Which racket would you recommend? The light one or the heavy one? In my opinion, I think light is better because it is easier and faster to move the racket, but some body else said that heavy racket will hit stronger. So what do you think?
    Thank you.

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