Badminton-Return of Low Service in Doubles

Return of Low Service I am going to show you return of low service in doubles posture the weight should be 60% to left foot here and about 40% on your right foot if you are right hander like this weight not center or not that way forward not too much forward then the flick is the problem the second point, two hands should go together forwarded rather than like this because it will take longer to the shuttle than this posture like this ready and then after when opponent serve the initial step should be the little push first before you go to the shuttle which is this ready like this and opponent served it then not just go in order to accelerate the speed of the movement that is needed that little bit of this so and then push rather than just go and then one more thing in posture if you serve to me, my posture should be little bit side ways rather than face to face chest square to the server, that is slow like this it will be faster little bit like that rather than like this that way so, step by step ready, if you are comfortable to stand here because you can move backward very fast in that case then you can move your left foot forward because you are already close to the net in this position to move your right foot forward it will take too long so its better to move this left foot but if you are club player, if you are not experienced so you are standing little bit backward here because of the flick then you must move right foot forward other wise you will always do the defensive return which is not good in doubles or mixed doubles so ready two feet together, serve came and then look racket go first and hit rather than look foot go and then racket go after the push, little push the racket must go first because of the flying time from the service line to here is very short, there is no time to make swing big swing so, this is 1 and that’s 2 and 3 here important thing to remember is cock your wrist so you hit flatter like this rather than you do that most of the shot will go to the net if you do that cock your wrist and tap it so shuttle will fly flat to opponent body or to the corner number 4 point if you do attack your role after this attack is incharge the net which is wider, there fore after this feet attack your feet should be side by side so you can move right and left faster if you attack like that and wait like this in this feet position not allow you to move right hand or left hand this feet position is very good to move forward or backward not to move side by side so, if I am doing the numbers this is 1 that’s 2 and 3 that’s how it should be ok once again two hands together your weight goes little bit left hand side and face, focus the opponent and serve on the way push, little push and the racket go, tap ready I will show you with shuttle ready here, center, and the corner when the shuttle comes to the center you are likely take backhand and this right hand side you would do forehand so, when are ready at the receiving service line your grip must be neutral neutral grip so, from neutral grip on the way to the shuttle cock let’s say backhand there, shuttle came to backhand side then on the way you change the grip backhand and hit neutral grip, service is coming to forehand side on the way you change to forehand grip and tap rather than you ready forehand like this and then shuttle comes to the backhand side here then you do that or you do that, you cannot do this so ready neutral and change grip now let’s say shuttle comes to backhand side then look here 1 change grip 2 3 ok lets have a look ok watch this please ok I will put the number ok still shuttle is coming backhand side 1 2 3 1 is look 2 is go 3 is ready backhand side please 1 2 3 1 2 3 watch my racket, racket goes first 1 2 3 rather than wrong one there is no push one more, wrong one yeah slow try to compare it please ok quick push now, after the shot hit – ready rather than no like this forehand corner same ready change grip cock the wrist and tap flat then there like this can you serve here please I will show you just the impact rather than or bigger swing yeah it goes out cock it and sharp tap yeah if you attack like that to the body that will be very effective now after 1 2 3 what you should try is which is intercept ok service, feed 2 more shuttles any side please ok now this is like real game what I am going to show you after attack the service what should you do ready ok look to enjoy game and be able to a winner of game player must be able to have confidence in returning service other wise difficult to get the point thank you for watching

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