Badminton: Right Attitude to Practice

Right Attitude to Practice Hello, I am Lee thanks for coming I hope you enjoy this video in this video I am going to show you the right attitude to practice to improve a players technique or movement or anything in badminton the players must practice the important question here is what attitude player must have in practice session that is crucially important without right atttitude practice 2-3 hours is not worth than practice with right attitude for 10-20 minutes I will explain one by one what I mean by right attitude to practice there are 2 different types of players in practice the first practice with their muscles the second player practice with their muscle as well as their soul together if you are aiming to challenge international level or if you are challenging world level then in the practice the muscle as well as the soul should be together in the practice to describe and explain this topic 2 international players will be here together to help to show you what I mean by that yes here now 2 international players who will demonstrate the right attitude of practice in this video can you introduce yourself please, thank you Hi I am Robert Hi I am Robin thank you very much for coming the first one you will see a player practice with their muscle Robert and Rob don’t normally practice that way but I asked them to do the way where players practice just their muscle without their soul and then they will show you again the practice with their soul first of all Rob will demonstrate the practice with just muscle, without his mind to the practice have a look please little bit casual as you see the movement of Rob his movement is not sharp and you cannot feel the concentration or focusness now he will demonstrate real good practice attitude I say soul, muscle together in practice which is this ok the posture will be lower and then very focussed to the shuttle have a look please and compare with the action just before as you see each single time Rob was hitting shuttle his feet is moving every single time that’s how it should be in real game player has to move ready and move ready and move so he is doing that exactly like game so this practice is very much like real game rather than practice one way, play game different way I will demonstrate that again have a look please ok same things I would like to show you exactly same way very casual way, it shows like this is not my business this is some body else business, attitude like that ok have a look standing and just hitting like this even some times players making fun of this practice like this so its like playing rather than doing very serious badminton when a player play game during the game they cannot play like this they should be more serious its same like that every thing focussed to the shuttle from top to bottom all the mind together, that’s player how should be rather than hitting like this ok same things now smash practice during my coaching career I saw lots of players smash in this way have a look Robin will show you the casual smash but you might see very good smash but after this one you will see real smash actions ok at this moment this is very casual smash ok ready go but you might cannot see what’s wrong with it but now you can see it have a look in real game when you smash you can say this smash will be finished you never know, so you have to be ready ready ready until the shuttle is on the ground so this kind of practice you can use it in real game have a look ok ok thank you very much well done please just a moment look you saw the big difference the first one after smash like this and second one this one after he smashed, he looked and smash look that how it should be one more please smash ready, smash ready go yes like that, better to practice like this 10 minutes than practice like that for 2 hours or 1 hour there is quality of practice is important even 2-3 minutes every thing should be there may be if I say this you might think thats too much what I see the inside this badminton court is different world to compare outside of badminton court if you enter this court you should feel like you are entering a church or you are entering a temple yeah some kind of ceremony you should feel that way so your level, your quality of work will be completely different ok very important practice which is service practice especially in singles, doubles also mixed doubles the confidence in service is crucially important but when you practice service there mind is not there just make routine practice also that is not good have a look practice service like that is not really efficient ok no conecentraion Rob will show you not really good way to practice a service so as you see his mind is not with shuttle cock he is just hitting it ok one more same way ok now, but still very good now, please show me when you are playing real match how you do it this is right one thank you as you saw, he set every thing and he look opponent and then he has got little bit time 3-4 seconds and then he carefully served rather than hold and like this ok same idea very concentrated practice even 2-3 times is better than 20 times without mind to it the last one in badminton this is individual sport but same time this is team sport I cannot practice by myself I need partner to practice then there should be some kind of support and different mind which is I work hard for me, also I work even harder for my partner in practice have a look to me this is really good practice ok attack, push so for example there I made mistake can you please stay I made mistake some players they don’t bother to go to pick it up because I hit shuttle to the net then I should try quickly to pick it up and then practice again but some times they don’t bother you pick it up show like this which is not very good partnership practice like this and then mistake then try to go and pick it up ok and then ready again like this but some times yeah don’t go just bad language shows you pick it up I don’t same the other way round ok this way I made mistake I walk and pick it up and do it again so it does not show me the interest in practice ok this is I believe right way, beneficial way for both of us have a look please we practice for 2 minutes ready tapping defend common Rob common ready there common so I really want him to improve so I support my partner rather than like this and also same time I want to see some kind of craziness, madness in practice without that mind any player will be difficult to reach top of the world ok some kind of madness ok ready ok and mistake, ok common mistake, common ready common and kill it so you bring something to life there is some kind of life to it in practice I can enjoy it, my partner also enjoys it this kind of practice is essential some times I say to players if you practice like that its better rest rather than practice this way but there are different ways when you are learning some kind of technique then you don’t move concentrate on that but if you know that then the practice should be very much like game or even much harder than real game

8 thoughts on “Badminton: Right Attitude to Practice

  1. Train more your footwork and same try even harder for your backhand.
    Desire and practice that is the answer. Try much harder again. Lee

  2. coach i have been playing badminton for a period of 1 year. I play badminton daily in an indoor wooden court. when i participate in any tournament  I end up being totally tensed and lose the matches that can be  won easily. Please help me with this issue.

  3. hello lee sir, i m darshan from india. i m practicing daily morning & evening time one and half hour but i don't have schedual for how to do practice day by day. plese tell me about that schedual which i can follow or be good player. thank you

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