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The Grip Number 2 root is right grip there are 5 roots number 1 is attitude which is most important thing and there are 4 other technical roots and I put Grip number 1 because I see badminton grip is crucially important in making deceptions, powerful shots and accurate shots so without grip, does not matter if a player moves very fast he will get there and make mistake if a player have wrong grip means when he is wearing a shirt his first button is wrong so after 10, 20 years he realize his badminton is not right and he has to restart, retrain his grip again grip is crucially important in grip what player have to understand is this in badminton shots are coming all different angles for example to centre right hand side, left hand side further more this player will take shuttle in front of his body side of his body and late of his body which means one kind of grip is not able to suit all different angles badminton is not like golf golf the ball is there the player have lots of time to adjust their position to suit their grip but in badminton the shuttle cock is light they don’t have enough time to change their body to suit their grip in badminton player should be able to change their grip depending on where they hit depending on what kind of shot he is doing for example net shot very sensitive and soft the grip has to be same very gentle and soft but this grip for net shot is not good for smash smash in order to make powerful shot they need powerful grip so they can hit hard but surprisingly I see many players who has got one grip one grip they don’t change it and they try to hit all different angles of shots this will limit their level of shot this will limit the level of accuracy and level of deceptions I will explain what I mean, lets say at the net if I do net shot which is very soft then my grip has to be very soft so, net shot please shuttle comes like this like that soft if I hold too tight smash grip and then you can see the difference yeah hold tight like this its not right for example net kill needs very sharp action then the finger should be used but if a player have very tight grip then the action will be bigger and defencing smash same with right grip player can do this way of hitting smash please right grip if they have wrong grip this can happen or lets say drive if they have right grip they can hit wrong grip, they can make bigger swing backhand clear same with right grip wrong grip or forehand grip they can do that grip has to be changed depending on where player is taking shuttle neutral grip is first to be learnt because we need neutral we don’t know where shuttle will come and then this player must be able to change to backhand and then neutral again shuttle comes forehand, then they have to change forehand some say that, from neutral don’t change your grip just turn your wrist no, here we turn wrist backhand like this then its not powerful, they have to change backhand so thats possible here neutral forehand net kill they don’t change grip, they turn their wrist then it limits the action and angle they must be able to change grip so they can hit flatter other wise they have to hit like this and shuttle will go to the across side I will demonstrate all different grips neutral grip important thing here is the gap between this one and second in this way this second finger and this thumb, both of them can control angle if this second finger goes like that then there are 4 power fingers and 1 control finger so this thumb is not in use, cannot be used this is important to put this second finger not here but there in this way the angle of the shot can be controlled by thumb and second finger you can feel the difference between this type of grip like that or like this if you move like that you dont feel you can control your racket but you do if you do that this is very important neutral grip finger position the second point is to have little gap here because the role of neutral grip is to change the grip to backhand or forehand this gap allows you to change like that or like this if you don’t have gap here which is like that then very difficult to change it because no gap there the second important thing in neutral grip is to have gap allows you to change it like this now forehand grip this grip is neutral grip which is middle, not backhand or not forehand grip this grip is not for smash or clear or net kill forehand net kill for example for smash or clear should be changed to forehand grip from this neutral grip from here change about 10 degrees little bit like this smash is very powerful shot there fore player must be able to hold racket tighter so he can use his power if he cannot hold racket tight enough then the smash will be not hard so, this thumb should be rounded like this like that so this thumb is holding grip and this second finger also holds from the other side like that in this way what ever power you have you will be able to pass that power to racket and to the shuttle cock but many players have this grip which is neutral grip like that and then try to hit clear or smash that’s why they make slice smash or not very powerful smash forehand clear or smash is from here to there important thing here is this thumb should be between this one and this one this one should be between that one and that one so racket is properly gripped if this one goes here then down there can be opened that is the right way for smash or clear backhand grip at this moment this is neutral, neutral grip backhand net kill when a player is taking shuttle in front of the body then this thumb should be completely behind like this this grip is backhand net kill as you see now the thumb is completely straighted and behind net kill but this grip, this the position of thumb is not good for backhand drive when a player is taking shuttle little bit side of their body than in front of their body backhand drive this thumb should be changed to near to neutral grip like this this is for backhand drive in this way player can use wrist comfortably if player if player try to hit backhand drive and using this net kill grip like that then on the way it can be locked this way, the wrist can be moved but if you take shuttle late, because shuttle already passed you so shuttle is behind your body then this grip is not good that way thumb should be here like this like that in this way wrist can be used if a player put like this when he is taking shuttle behind his body then the shuttle will go out so even backhand, this is backhand net kill backhand drive backhand drop shot or clear when you are taking shuttle late when shuttle is already passed so even backhand there are 3 different grips forehand also same neutral grip forehand net kill the grip should be changed like this so racket face is facing the shuttle cock if some one try to hit it, forehand net kill with this grip then there is no angle, shuttle will be sliced there fore the grip should be changed so racket face is facing the shuttle cock but this grip forehand net kill grip is not good for forehand overhead drive when you take shuttle side of your body same in that way this neutral grip is right grip for the shot which is when you take shuttle side of your body like this but this grip is not good when you take shuttle late when shuttle is behind your body then this grip is not good in that situation this kind of backhand grip is right for five fingers this two fingers are control fingers this 3 fingers are power fingers so this two play very important role in making good shots accurate shots and deceptive shots thats why, this finger and thumb should be opposite each other in neutral grip, if thumb goes at the top like this like that with this grip racket cannot be controlled in right way neutral grip like this remember those two fingers must be opposite each other those two fingers must be opposite each other and there should be gap neutral grip forehand neutral backhand neutral – backhand neutral – forehand neutral – forehand neutral – backhand now, how to change grip when you play there is not much time to change grip so grip must be changed very quickly and fast like this neutral – forehand neutral – backhand neutral neutral – forehand so you lose your grip and hold it rather than use your finger to turn and hold it it takes too long so neutral once big hold forehand neutral backhand neutral forehand neutral backhand neutral I know this grip is not easy but there is not other way to go around player must be able to understand the logic and importance of grip and be able to have all different grips depending on where they take shuttle cock

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  1. incredible teaching coach Lee! I've improved alot in badminton by watching your videos! I really need to appreciate!

  2. hi.. i watch your video, and i like the way you teach…
    im an average level player and i have some player that i teach… and i have 1 big question..
    "are we must use the right grip in any condition?"
    why i ask that?
    because i have used 3 grip (before i watch your video) and i always said to them "not important how good use the right things, but how the feeling when do it" because some my "student" cant do the right things like how to holding the grip and how to swing because of their posture…
    thank you very much, and i hope you answer my big question.. :3

  3. but, what if we face the situation when we not ready to take the right grip?
    ex. we use forehand right grip, but in double when we want to swing toward and our partner cut the line and make the ball hitted by enemy to our left side instantly and we have no time to change grip..
    thx for previous answer.. ^^

  4. Your explanation on WHY a certain grip is more advantageous over the other, is very convincing and clear. I understood a lot on why grip is very important. Thank you so much sir, you are a great coach 🙂

  5. Hi Coach Lee!
    I am from Pakistan.
    Hope that you will be fine and enjoying your good health. Thanks coach for your precious coaching. It really helps me. As i got no coaching . I play myself just by seeing other players. I have really improved by your coaching in just a short span. But i got a serious problem. I played with only one forehand grip at first. i play each and every shot with that forehand grip. but after realizing my fault i tried to change my backhand grip. but it seems difficult to play with back hand grip. i not even manage to play straight shots with that back hand grip. My forehand grip is really really strong but when it goes to back hand it disappoints.
    Kindly show me some way to practice back hand shots properly. I will be indeed a great favor. Hope so you understand my problem. I consider you as my guiding coach. Please help me to solve my problem. Anxiously waiting for your reply.

  6. Years in badminton training and I've never been taught shit. 30 mins in a YouTube tutorial and I feel like I've wasted 100s of dollars

  7. its quite hard sifu..but worth it.. after i practicing for a while i see some improvement especially on my backhand clear and drive..thanks for showing us the tips..😊👍

  8. Thanks you very much Master. This is very very informative. All your videos are very good for beginners.

  9. I've been playing badminton for 3 years without knowing this detail. I see the big difference today when I applied your instruction. Smash and round the head forehand clear are much more powerful. Thanks a lot master!

  10. Good evening, sir. I am a new player, have only been playing for around 2-3 months. I found this video, and when I switched to the grips mentioned here my backhand(for net kill) has improved drastically. However, I find defending smashes or other fast shots to be hard because neutral grip does not give me much range-of-motion; also when I'm smashing with this grip sometimes the racquet slips down a little and makes it very weak. Please give me some advice. Thanks for all your videos.:)

  11. Very well explained. Thank you so much. A small question. When we hit the shuttle should we loosen the grip of three power fingers so that bat is in touch only with fingers and with swing press the bat using three fingers against the hand along with wrist movement or should the power fingers hold the bat firmly against the hand and power is generated only from wrist movement?

  12. Hello coach, i have been watching your videos for many days. it's always a pleasure. a quick question, can I simply change from forehand to backhand and from backhand to forehand instead of switching to neutral every time? thanks again for all the help.

  13. Actually this many days I was playd like new born baby. Thanks … From today I I'll try and do this kind of grip and smash… Every day I'm trying smash to powerly..but its going only like medium speed.. But from today I think I can do power smash..thankz a lot my sweet coach

  14. Every time I take a toss shot in the neutral grip then it goes outside of the court . I have to strain my wrist to make it straight. So I hit the shuttle by adjusting my racket to flat position . Am I doing it wrong?

  15. Thank you coach sir,,You help me a lot to improve my game,,And your teaching techniques is Amazing,,easy to understand. ….Thank you

  16. sir, Make a video on smash, like as you show some technically sound defensive shots and some bad shots in the start section of this video!

  17. If I may make a suggestion.. This simple topic I personally find is the most difficult to grasp because there are many variations and player has to decide and change in little time under pressure. It may be easier if the language used to describe the grip reflects the positioning. For example, I have seen other people use terms like ‘bevel’ online, if the thumb is held along the bevel (for the neutral grip, the bevel being the 45 degree side of the handle between the front face and back), and ‘side of handle’ and ‘back of handle’. So the BH netkill could be ‘thumb at back of handles, with thumb straight along handle for maximum support’. Also what some people do is stick different colour tapes along the racquet handle so viewer can see what position the thumb is at, etc. At the moment, it is difficult to see thumb positions relative to handle/racquet head angle on a black handle. The technique is flawless but it is challenging to comprehend fully.

  18. I worked out a way for me to switch from neutral to forehand grip more easily and quickly. I rotate with my two control fingers (thumb and second) , but along the length of the handle, with a loosened grip. So effectively, I am twisting the handle like a bottle cap and naturally the two control fingers fall into places, then tighten grip. Before when I tried to rotate horizontally, I then had to move those two into positions. Am I doing it correctly, Coach?

  19. Hello sir, whenever I smash, shuttle goes far out and not in.. How do I make my smashes more steep angle so it becomes difficult for opponent? .. Lot of power but shuttle travel parallel and goes out and also easy for opponent to defend. What am I doing wrong?

  20. For the entirety of my badminton career I have had the wrong grip. With the help of this video my play style, form, and overall skill have improved. Thank you very much

  21. Thank you thank you thank you! that explains why I always feel like I am about to break my wrist with just one grip on so many positions. Also, I think depends on you personal preferences, a little change benefits so that you don't hurt your self (In my case I have to change a bit for the smash). Again, big appreciation coach!!!

  22. You are an incredible coach. the details reveal it all. We are lucky to get the benefit of an expert like you. Thank you

  23. Nice sir! I was playing totally wrong for like nearly 18years. Every grip clearly explained but u didn't demonstrate properly forehand behind body sir.
    I didn't see the body for that shot.

  24. This really helped me! Thank you very much. My smashes are more powerful now. I have a question for you, I am getting wrist pain, I tried to rest for a week and after I have no pain I tried to play again, but still pain is reoccurring. Any suggestions?

  25. Very detailed video, I just need to watch it over and over again many times to get the hang of it. Thanks for sharing such useful and helpful tutorial !!!

  26. Thanks so much Coach Lee. Friends the Coach Lee Jae Bok is the man who is master of the trade & he is the one who inspired me to learn more & create my own channel & try to make an effort to learn & educate. Just subscribe to this channel & you will have an remarkable improvement in your game & the trade of the game

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