Badminton Science: The Split Drop

Hi Badmintonlogist,
Ever wondered why certain badminton players keep hopping before each shot?
Well, it’s called pre-loading or some people call it split dropping. Before moving for
a shot, you make a little hop then move or lunge to the shot. This little hop gets your
muscles ready to move and can also help to lower muscle fatigue and soreness. This is
because as you preload, or stretch the muscle, energy is temporarily stored in the muscle.
So when you go to move, all that stored energy helps you to push off strongly and move quickly
around the court. But the stored energy doesn’t keep for very long, so to see the full benefits
you need to push off straight after hopping. Try timing yourself as you pretend to hit
shots all over the court. Do this with and without the hop. You should be able to get
to shots faster and easier by split dropping. Keep in touch by subscribing to badmintologist.
See you next time.

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