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Smash Defence Smash Defence How to do smash defence in doubles, singles also mixed doubles if a player has not got confident of defencing smash he she cannot play game confidently before I explain the techniques of movement and racket skills I would like to discuss about the positioning first does not matter how good racket skill a player has if he is finding or standing wrong place then they cannot make good smash defence the question is where to stand I lift shuttle to opponent then I have 3 choices number 1 – from the net, rear court I stand exactly center about here or I stand little bit forward or I stand little bit backward what is your answer what you think some people some players say should be exactly centre some might say little bit forward because they can attack it some might say little bit backward in my view when shuttle is in the air in normal shot its better to stand not exactly centre one step backward that will be the right place in defencing opponent smash reason 1 – If I stand centre or little bit closer the speed of smash will be much faster also the opponent smash can come to my body also to my floor so the area, I have to defence will be much wider but if I stay little bit further back I can see shuttle better also the distance between my opponent to me will be little bit longer so I can defence it but if smash come to here in this position I don’t have to hit it because it will go out so the area I have to ready, prepare to defence will be much narrow than when I am standing center or front have a look I am standing exactly center between the net and end line what happens shuttle is coming too fast the angle is too wide if I stay little bit backward about here then easier shuttle will come around this area so my racket is there, then most of them I can return it quite comfortably if my opponent smash here then that’s out so not to worry about this area and the third reason why the player should be not standing center rather one step backward is this some might say Lee if you stay little bit backward what happens to the net too much gap ok no drop shot will land here most of drop shot will land around the service line so from here to the service line is not too far and most important reason why player should stand little bit backward rather than center or forward is this from my body my arm is this long, that’s in front from here I have racket so from my body I have this much length in front of me, so if I am standing center here actually I am taking shuttle here which is too quick if I stay one step backward my racket will be center or little bit forward if my arm is this short, my racket is this short then may be exactly center will be the right but because of this player should be standing backward much easier now, posture the most difficult shot to defence is to the body so the player’s posture should be smaller and crouched and looking that way, rather than like this have a look if I do that I can see shuttle better like this but if I make posture like that, like this then much slower so posture, upper body, lower body together smaller, crouched then my weakness will be covered by my racket now the racket position when shuttle is in the air I don’t know whether my opponent will smash or drop shot or clear most dangerous shot in that situation is smash so my racket should be some where here where shuttle comes when I am ready like this and opponent hit clear, I have time to go from here, when my opponent do drop shot I have time to move forward but if I do that, racket is high when shuttle is in the air opponent court and opponent smashes it then I don’t have time to put my racket down and hit it no chance so the right posture the racket should be lower have a look please some where here like this like that now step in defencing smash, how to make the movement all the movements same after my opponent made shot I must do the initial identifying step of where have a look please watch my feet carefully please ready look where – here where – here where – here where – here where – here where – here where – here rather than just standing standing and hit standing and hit standing and hit no rhythm look and hit look and go look and go look, look if you are looking all the match real match no player stand still and make move every single player, they do that every single time now, racket skills racket skill how to hit the shuttle same, in this technique the finger power is very crucial rather than wrist have a look what I mean smash backhand side please this is finger this is wrist too big, too slow forehand same this is finger power rather than wrist this finger for the fast, sharp stroke skills this finger power is needed look, in general posture, my racket should be away from my body not here please compare away here there there now not here, here here so too slow put your racket away so you can make quicker actions ok once more have a look please the rhythm of movement steps, how to start, how to stop and how to come back watch my feet please smash please go ready move – hit move – hit move – hit move – hit look – hit finally, I know many players they worry about their backhand because their backhand is weak so when they are ready they don’t ready 50-50 they ready 70-30 so when shuttle comes here they do that I know some of the top international players they do that but in my personal view that is not ideal why? from here, limited shot I can make block or drive but if I can do that I can do across block, straight block across drive, lift I have much more choices this one is limited if this players opponent know he is doing that then he will smash here and he will do that again so that is not ideal or that’s not the way trying to do the way trying to do is this here center 50-50 and the mind of this player should be like very deep lake because its so deep there is no sound no panic the players they cannot defence their smash not only because of their lack of skills but more because they panic so they move before rather than very calm and wait look and hit have a look please smash any side please look look – hit where – here where – here where – here look – hit look – hit rather than rather than make this shot like gambling already decision yeah ready for backhand, that’s lucky ok that’s ok but what happens if I do that if shuttle comes here, problem ready here there it will be much better, from here there there so ready for both ways I know its difficult but it will be the way to train, rather than limit yourself for just backhand by this way your ability will be limited because of this so make your mind very calm and wait wait, wait, wait until you actually see the shot and then make movement finally, the racket actoin look ready shuttle comes to the backhand then don’t go backward from here go forward could you throw shuttle by hand please have a look yeah here look ready shuttle comes, they try to hit hard so they bring racket backwards like this because its there shuttle comes to you more so its difficult to hit it look, compare this one do like this or there look here there look here rather than look same forehand ready not here not there look ready here here ready here ready there so, I would like to say the final word in this video the technique, foot work is secondly important number 1 – in order to be better player playing better skills, better technique the mind the hunger, that is number 1 have a look again please so, when this player practice it should be like this smash please seriousness ok, ready – hit look – hit look – hit look – hit look – hit rather than rather than casual two different badminton it does not matter the level what matters is the mind thank you I hope you enjoyed and you find it beneficial thank you

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  16. Are you trying to teach beginners or improving players? If improvers, you are standing too square on. In this position I would always smash at your right hip or just left to it. On this stance, there is a point at which you will have to decide to play a backhand or a forehand and that point on indecision will be crucial. You should be positioned with your left foot more advanced and your racket further ahead, so you can play every shot with the backhand if you want to. Again too much of this action is focussed upon wrist reaction to hit back to mid-court rather than the required body reaction to reach back of the court. This action is more like a ping-pong shot.

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