Badminton Smash: How the Non-Racket Arm should be used

For smash how the left hand should be used I know many players use their left hand to point the shuttle cock but that is not accurately right role of left hand is not to point the shuttle cock role of left hand is having balance watch this shuttle is flying over there if I use my left hand to point the shuttle cock this left hand close my view I only see the shuttle cock I can’t see in front so see how it looks like I point shuttle cock and then hit this left hand should be used to balance me How? in front, watch this shuttle been hit this left hand should be there because this left hand is in front this will pull my racket forward feel it again, there and then there rather than point the shuttle cock and then there let’s say drive shuttle is there if I follow the logic statement of point the shuttle cock left hand is for pointing the shuttle cock shuttle is there, I am pointing the shuttle cock so my balance turns and then hit it no this left hand should remain here so because left hand is there this left hand hold my body there fore this right hand can be do that like that – like that not like this – like this so, let’s say shuttle goes over there this left hand should remain there because its there I can do that if left hand is pointing the shuttle cock I do that watch again shuttle been hit left hand side my left hand goes that way and shuttle is in front of my face my left hand goes wider so, left hand, racket, shuttle should be between left hand and racket center there ok can you throw it to me please there here there there little higher there but if I point the shuttle cock then I do that it should be there because its there this one can go ok thanks now, shuttle cock goes there then you left arm should stay here like this not, left arm go to the shuttle cock you can see why? this is right way of left arm movement for smash ready shuttle been hit there and then bang rather than there and hit ok, watch this there there so here in front do not use your left hand to point the shuttle so it close your vision, I can’t see I only see the shuttle cock now how to generate power by using the left arm set, your left arm should go first and then right arm comes throw again please watch this so, this is right way set wait set left, right have a look higher please so my left arm goes here and hit because it goes fast, it goes fast and this one goes there why? because that way it does not affect my balance I will explain why? if I do, not do that wrong way is this look if I do that that will hit if left arm stays some players do, some club players stay high its wrong wrong way, another wrong way together left right together it does not give any power so look left – right set left – right its same for clear watch this left – right smash left – right left – right rather than stay or down or together together no, left – right seperate watch this set left – right left – clear left – drop shot so, the order is set left – right that’s the way to generate power, deceptions

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  1. There are lots of badminton coaching video on youtube. However i stick to your video because it's very informative. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. I appreciate it very much

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