Badminton Smash: How to Add Extra Power

How to generate extra power in your smash now let’s say your power 10, all is in your body so you set and smash there is way to do or create extra 1 or 2 more power than you have got now, the way to do this when you set shuttle is flying, when you set you have to completely stop, freeze and then restart your action that way you can generate extra 10% or 20% power in your smash, this is what I mean ok, now watch when shuttle is flying to me I will set but I will completely stop and then shuttle is coming at the right spot I will sharply restart that’s the way to generate more power have a look, little higher, yes so I will stop wait shuttle comes and then start stop start because I start suddenly you generate more power I will be showing you opposite way, shuttle comes, you stand move and hit compare this is not the right way right way so you stop, suddenly make your action that way you will make more power one more wrong way continously moving or you set and start not suddenly, start slowly like this not like this you must stop and then restart must stop as you see it you can see more power is generated same like boxing bang rather than like this no like this like that so stop and then start

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  1. Hi it m sorry that I was not able to answer your question in time. I hope you played well. Please let me know how played. Lee

  2. Very good video but actually it is more on stability generates focus during smashes. Eg.Try hitting when your footing are not stable usually after a long game and muscle worn out, most of our hits will off-target. If my opponents plays fast game, no time to pause and hit cuz every hits has to be instant. Practice makes perfect shots

  3. very simple physics is shown here. momentum, in which this shows impulse. here is the equation, u can figure it out. Impulse = Change in momentum, .: F*T=P, the force multiplied by the change in time, is equal to momentum. smaller the amount of time, the more force acted on the object. here is an example: what would be better for you, to catch a baseball without moving your hand, or to catch a baseball by slowly moving your hand in the way that it is moving.

  4. Thank you for your wisdom on this. It will give good understanding to the views in different direction. Thank you posting your comment. Lee

  5. Hi I just won a zone doubles meet win my friend and we're pretty equal players. Since we won we now go to provincials and a lot of the kids were playing against are small quick kids that like the shorts and drop shots. What kind of techniques would be best against these kinds of players? Thanks for all the help

  6. it is difficult to advise you without having information on their ability. You have to prepare as much as possible on your movement, drills and tactics. You have to focus from point one on the match against them and findout their strength and weakness during you paly. That is another quality of better player which be able to see it soon and change tactics based on the information you are getting in the short space of time. Lee

  7. Hi there, I think it is not because of the kind of racket or string. It could be the way you grip, point of impact, the way you make action, the way you move, the way you focus, and other skill factors make you to hit feathers. I would like to propose you to look all the clips on smash I have and practice them and understand them. I think that will help. Please identify why you hit such way then you can solve the problem. Let me know if that helps. Lee

  8. Hi Coach Lee, just a simple question: 'How do you Breathe when you smash?' Because I know a lot of players hold their breath while smashing, including me.. and would get tired easily.. Please Response.

  9. You should hold your breath while you are smashing. It is a very short time so it should not cause too much problem. Lee

  10. Hello Coach Lee,
    I've tried this out and it works great. It increased my swing speed greatly, which made me think about the following: Why not use it on every overhead shot? Would you encourage to start every overhead shot (drop, smash, clear) this way?

  11. Yes you are right it can be used on all of the shots. It gives more power, deception and sharpness. You have ability to apply a skill to other areas. Lee

  12. Yes it is same. The logic applys the same way. It is more so with jump smash as there will be less time and space to make swing action so it has to be fully stopped more then anything else. Lee

  13. would the strength in someone's smash be even more powerful if their muscles in their arms are more developed than someone else who has smaller muscles. For instance if someone who has average sized muscles compared to someone who is skinny have a more powerful smash?

  14. Yes but providing both of them have same skills. If the skinny one has better skill then he can hit ,uch harder then the other one. Lee

  15. Yes there are. Timing of feet movement, impact point whether or not it is in front of body, body movement(legs, shoulder, arm, wrist) left arm movement. So it is all togetherness rather then a factor. Lee

  16. thank you lee I have been using your coaching tips my self and using them to train with my partner it has help me and my doubles partner so much we have been having coaching seasons’ but I think it has been a wast of time as we have learned more in the last 2 weeks from you then the last year from this other guy thank you lee

  17. I am very pleased to know that my clips are helping you in that way. Thank you for taking time to post your comment. Lee

  18. Me and my partner have been watching you on you tube for the last 3 weeks I was wondering would I be able to send you a video of us playing a match and would you be able to point out things we both need to work on to help us with the training.

  19. Yes please do, I will be happy to see it and advise you.
    Send the link on my channel mailbox. Lee

  20. Simply ignor everything around you and put all your concentration on to your opponent and totally focus on how to beat them. That way you will be able to play all your level or even more. Lee

  21. Sir Lee i can see your power at 1st 2nd 3rd smash …..
    see some small piece of shuttle is flying after u hit shuttle
    1:16 and so on

  22. Hello, Coach Lee..
    When I'm swinging the racket for smashing, should I hold breathing or just breathing normally?

  23. Coach, Your videos are the best that I seen as far as badminton coaching is concerned. Thanks so much for posting these. I picked up this sport recently, but learnt faster, your way of teaching simple & powerful, helped me to understand and implement when I am playing. Thanks very much. Shiva from India.

  24. Hello Shiva
    Thank you very much for your kind and warm comment on my clips. It is real plessure to know that you feel that way with my clip. It is very nice of you to take time to post your comment. Thank you and happy badminton to you. Lee

  25. Hi Lee…during a jump smash, my body is always in motion due to the fact that it's ini the air. Because of this, I find it harder to stop completely. Does the rule apply to such style of smashing?

  26. Yes it is. You body is moving but you can set your arm and wrist posture still in the air then make action fast in the air the same way I mentioned in this clip. Lee

  27. Thank you Lee, this is extremely helpful. My smash is noticeable a huge difference when I smash like you shown us on the video. I dont even have to jump smash anymore. I saved a lot of energy running around the court jumping and smashing. At the end of the end I still have a lot of breath left. My smash was so powerful after I learned this technique, I didn't even know a simple technique can generate so much power. I happened to try this out yesterday and took me a min to mastered it. 

  28. Hi Coach.

    My smash is quite powerful but it does not sound loud. Other players smash are slower than mine but they produce much louder sound that it almost more difficult to defend against them.

    How do I make my smash sound louder?

    Thank you Sir

  29. I'm thin and I think my smash needs more power. I executed your kind of smash properly but it's still not powerful. Any tips?

  30. Hello sir I'm Indian boy Punjab Amritsar my self MANISH PAL as you best coach badminton my Indian coach not training me for badminton as you best coach

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