Badminton Smash Skill (2) The Best possible Way to Set Your Wrist to Add More Power

Next point is how the wrist should be set now, it can be many ways ok I have my own belief now, the wrist should be caught not too much, not too much like that but, should be caught little bit this is better than caught that way the reason why ? when you caught its much sharper, its already prepared and is much more deceptive ok, watch this please ok, wrist been caught yes, smash comes, what I have to do is bang bang ready, here here like that, yes so set set so here, not only smash, watch this when I do that, clear, drop smash its already set, I have all the options in shot space of time, but compare if I caught bat like this it has to go that way so times its ok if you train a lot like that and you have time high, then it might be ok but look what happens if you don’t have time and shuttle comes close, quicker here you don’t have time to do this but, if you caught immediately it does not matter caught caught you have all the options, very short time you are fully prepared, than like this remember when you set caught wrist but be careful do not caught too much steep and you cannot go any more backwards this is wrong too let goes only forward little bit caught about this so you can move back and forward no set

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