Badminton Smash Skill (8) What and How to Practice to make Smash Powerful

My next point is how to improve your smash my answer is three practice, practice and practice this is good practice for players who is not sure how to use the wrist the players using shoulder to smash instead of writst remember the main power 80-90% of power in smash is created by wrist, not arm, not shoulder so the wrist has to be used, to feel it this is empty badminton box, make like that sit down in the chair, so nothing else has to be used. you have to use only wrist. ok set, left foot here right here like that come in front, so ready set not not arm it is wrist if you have a mirror, its better to face mirror if you don’t have a mirror, use a window so that you can see yourself so lets practice, set one – set smash two three four twenty rest, relax and then set one, like this what you have to do is really smash ready you have to imagine shuttle been hit set shuttle come left bang ready, do that twenty ten sets every day one two three four five six, two – one two three four five six, three… do twenty, 10 sets ok watch this, James come practice one two three four five ten ok ok now, you can do this way 10 stand still set 10, ready go one you cant two three four now attack, ten ok, so he did stand still hit, to know timing and power and you move with step to learn training steps that’s one set and you can do 10 sets you can do 10 and 10 one set or you can do 15 and 15 one set if you are really stronger you can do 20 and 20 one set and usually train about 10 set ok lets do second set, stand still go one two watch it higher three more wrists -four- bang yup five ten ok now set, you say 1, its better to call himself 1, it means opponent hit then you make steps one two stop as he did, with this practice you must do one and then remember to do the loading step one two ten, ten now, you can use cover, ok now ready feed it please, with racket set one two three four five you can use racket cover or you can use heavy racket, you can buy heavy racket for badminton in any badminton shops two three times heavier than normal racket ok, go 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 well done

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  1. HULK SMASH!..hulk did smash with tennis ..uh bat…but tennis but is was too puny! VERY puny cause hulk hit ball and went threw tennis bat :/

  2. sir i need your advice regarding how should our posture be or rather technique to hit the shuttle at the side line of the court….that is to how to increase our accuracy regarding smash shots at the side line…??

  3. Hi mr.lee…I have a problem…when I smash…the shuttlecock did not hit to the ground but rather went straight to the opponent..

  4. Hey Sir Lee
    I have a question that is what is best string in badminton racket nd what is best tension in badminton strings for professional

  5. hi sir , I am jonathan, and I love to play badminton,I have a question ,I have played in a synthetic court for about 2 years and then due to some circumstances I moved and the place where i play now has only wooden courts, I find it tough to maintain grip on the court because it is always making me slip .DO YOU HAVE ANY TIP FOR ME TO MAINTAIN MY GRIP IN A WOODEN COURT SO I COLD PLAY BETTER,THANK YOU FOR READING THE WHOLE PARA ABOVE,HOPE YOU HAVE SOME ANSWERS

  6. Most of the power comes from rotation of the forearm, otherwise known as pronation, not wrist flapping. Wrist flapping should be kept to a minimum.

  7. อยากให้มีคำแปลเป็นภาษาไทยด้วยค่ะ ขอบคุณค่ะ

  8. i would like to thank u on the behalf of all the viewers for all the efforts you have made for making these video…hats off..

  9. 많이 배워갑니다. 항상 스매시가 하이클리어가 돼서 문제였는데 도움이 많이된것같습니다.

  10. Hi Sir, Thanks for the information and techniques. I have a question … how practise with a heavy racket or racket with cover will help to improve the smash. Thanks in advance.

  11. Sir
    master lee I am playing badminton from 2 years but till now I didn't get any coaching I think you are my first and best coach so please tell how can we do fast movements in singles

  12. Coach Lee, I think you are the best coach available on Youtube ….i love your explanations..they are very technical yet very well explained…i wish you good health and look forward to you future clips.

  13. Your wrist sits weird looks like you are using a panhandle grip and confused my friend. Now he thinks that using panhandle grip is right and i cant get that out of his mind

  14. Sir i am been following you since many days. But i have always feel my smash in spite of following your technique. I tried mirror pratice. Found the below issue. When i stop before taking a shot ( i,e a postion of archer) my elbow is coming side app 90Degree before i raise to hit a shuttle. As it is from front side i am not able to visualize if this is correct action. MY energy which i am storing for shot think it being wasted. Need your advice to improve this.

  15. my entire body shrugs with smash as I hit it my shoulder moves a lot with but smash goes fine . actually I still don't know where I should pull force for a good shot

  16. I don't get the tapping sound when I hit the shuttle. Am I playing wrong ? I use shoulder movement for smash . Please help.

  17. I'm a badminton player . Got selected for the university team..thanks for your tutorials..they really helped me…thanks sir

  18. sir I playing start badminton in my 6 years old.!
    but my shoulder is so pain it's affect my smashes.!
    then my hip and leg joint is so pain.!
    it's affect my foot works.!
    how can I solve it sir.?

  19. I always bend my upper body
    And then make a smash
    Is that incorrect posture to make a smash
    I see u ..makein the upper body go backwards and then u make a smash

  20. Hi lee have one question, what if player hit shttle and drop legally in opponent court. but afterwards player touches net….will hitting player still earn point?

  21. while playing I want to smash the shuttle but I use my shoulder strength n not my wrist n so I can't do it powerfully..hw do I get the power?

  22. Please help me! I'm tightening before I hit andd after a trening, my back hurt because of this I don't know how t fix this.

  23. Lee sir, I am playing badminton for 3 yrs now. Recently I have noticed that whenever I try to hit smash hard, the portion of my elbow starts paining. Just wanted to know few things from you sir.
    1- is there anything wrong with my form or hitting position that my elbow is paining
    2- during smash more power comes from where… Elbow or shoulder.
    Thank you

  24. I really like your videos since they are detailed but explained simply. Inspiring.
    However, its better when you use a microphone yourself or make a voice-over to the clip since the built-in camera microphone takes up all the echo and huge reverb in the hall. Annoying and hard to hear what you need to hear.
    Otherwise, perfect!

  25. Lee sir pls upload a complete split step training and timing video. Its my humble request.Keep inspiring as always…Your videos are simply great….

  26. Lee Sir, Thank you for all videos, I'm a Disabled person planning to play in SL3 category , I'm practicing everyday . Your videos will help me to overcome which I made mistakes.
    Thank you sir.

  27. I am 59 years old now, playing badminton since long time your videos can improve my game thanks for uploading videos

  28. Lee J what an amazing Coaching. He coached me in England many years ago. He’s now inspired me to create my own YouTube channel: Badminton Coach TV, please check it out and I hope you like it Lee 👍

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