Badminton stadium collapse: Players narrowly escape injury in Vietnam

Players and fans had a narrow escape at the
Vietnam Grand Prix Badminton Open on Tuesday, after the roof of the sports centre where
the competition was being held collapsed. Luckily, the players, who would have been
competing under the collapsed area, were alerted to the impending danger by spectators and
left the arena in time to escape injury. According to reports, no one was injured. Onlookers watched in shock as the ceiling
collapsed, bringing down ceiling panels, a steel frame, electrical wires and air conditioning
vents. The organisers later decided to change the venue, and the sports complex was closed
for repairs. The incident is now being investigated.

6 thoughts on “Badminton stadium collapse: Players narrowly escape injury in Vietnam

  1. It made me laugh when the commentator said that the venue had now been closed for repairs.Surely not just for a little hole in the roof.

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