Badminton Tactics (Question 3)

Question 3 What is the correct base position when defending an opponent’s attack from the rear court in singles and doubles? – exactly in the centre of the court. – about 1 meter back from the centre -slightly forward from the centre. Question number 3 – the answer is not center, not close to the net the answer is behind the center line when you are defending opponent’s attack from the rear court ok there are number of reasons reason number 1 if they stand center from the net to the rear center and the shuttle is behind my question to you is how many drop shots out of 10 10 lands to very close to the net out of 10 none most of the shuttle cock from the rear court drop shot will land around here number 2 reason if shuttle goes behind my body has to be behind the shuttle cock so I have to go deeper than shuttle cock so I have more to move number 3 important thing in front of my body I have arm this much after my arm I have racket this much my body is not hitting the shuttle cock my racket is hitting the shuttle cock so my racket should be the center of the court not my body if my arm is this long my racket is this long then may be its right to stand center so because of my arm, my racket I can make my base little bit backwards ok this is exactly center in real terms but when I am asking this question to many players and club players the answer, most answer is they say it should be exactly center in that way its equal, but in real terms that is not true ok have a look I will do while in real terms with my player Tom please come, stay center you don’t know where I am going to hit ok try to return it ok lift net play ya its easy no problem but if I hit deeper he has to go too far so he can’t take shuttle in front he will loose balance ok now I will ask him to stay little bit backwards yes ok ya lift it net no problem net same again stay back yup now stay close again, center or little bit forward after you lift as you saw it if you are standing too close to the net when opponent is attacking, the net area is too easy and the rear court is too difficult so remember when your opponent is attacking from the rear then your base has to be little bit backward from the center

14 thoughts on “Badminton Tactics (Question 3)

  1. Thank you lee my rival used some techniques that were showed in this video to beat me,
    thank you coach lee you rule the world

  2. thanks to this video,I knew why I always lost my balance.good tutorial!
    A question for you:In double, is that true:
    1.if I make a clear,we play side by side and if I make a drop shot ,we play front-rear ?
    2.if we play side by side ,I will protect 1 side and my partner will protect 1 side (left or right)
    if we play front-rear , the front player will protect the front court and the rear player will protect the rear court

  3. thank you.I have followed your advices for a year ,I played badminton once a month and now I can play better,feel the court and hit the shuttle… although I am not a pro player 😀 .thanks for teaching helpful knowledge

  4. You are very welcome and I am very pleased to know and it mean a lot to me to know there are someone like you get benefit from my clips. Lee

  5. Thank you coach for giving that another insight it did not figure in my mind. I keep that in mind when i cover the court.

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