The flick serve is a great alternative to the short serve in the backhand The short serve – we have here It’s only by stretching our arm then we have the flick serve exactly the same movement but then in the last second, you push with your thumb and point to the area where you want your flick serve to land like this! So the flick serve is a lot about holding the right grip and it’s about having a lot of space in your hand just like this.
And then when I try to hit the shuttle – feeling that I am squeezing the shuttle so when I am about to hit I am squeezing the shuttle like this Okay That’s the secret you must hold loose.
If you’re trying to do a flick serve like this it will be very easy for your opponent to see So you must have a lot of space in here and then when you hit the shuttle, you kind of squeeze here You kind of squeeze your racket into your hand you should actually turn the shuttle towards the corner where you want the shuttle to land That’s quite smart


  1. You guys never disappoint me every time you upload videos it's great and useful❤❤❤I didn't actually know that you should be holding the racket loose thank you so much☺☺☺❤❤keep up the good work guys 😊

  2. Rigtig god video. Nu kan jeg endelig lære at lave en rigtig flick serve ved at se denne video. Mange tak for denne fantastiske video der kan lære alle med at lave en flick serve.

  3. Great tutorial. I do the flick serve at times, some good but not always a consistant serve. This explains where I go wrong 👍😀

  4. Do you use the same technique for a flick serve in singles? Bc I'd like to think my flick serve for doubles is pretty good but i never get it far enough for singles which is forcing me to do the "forehand serve" in singles..

  5. Great video, thanks. I've been practicising/trying out this serve for a few weeks now. Tendency to serve it a bit flat and long so working on racket angle and timing.

  6. It's useful and very great for me 🏸🏸
    Thank you 😍😍

  7. Take note that you can also vary the height and speed of your flickservice depending on length, positioning and movement pattern of your opponent, (long opponents have more difficulties around the shoulder, some opponents have difficulties moving in a straight line backwards, others when they have to decide between moving upwards or backwards to intercept), furthermore you can also vary the movement speed of your hand (whilst moving forward with your racket) in order to provoke a reaction from your opponent. Could you make a video with an actual opponent to show the various possibilities with a flick serve?

  8. Hey guys your vids are great. I'm responsible for the training and coaching programme for about 80 people here in HOLLAND. I'm really interested in more vids on the mental part and specifically how to improve game intensity… spirit.. how to not loose or even win by mentality. A lot of players especially young people sometimes seem to play at 80% without it even knowing themselves. They loose focus.. They want to win but not really show in their game… how would you advice

  9. Finally got my flick serve right from this vid. Keep it up!!

    By the way, can you do the kevin tumbling serve tutorial please? That would be very helpful

  10. U are the best coach. U have a good ability to teach. Ur tricks are so easy to capture. It works with me. Thanks a lot. Coming friday I have a tournament. I hope this will help me there. Thanks

    Please upload more videos.
    Thanks again and again a lot

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