Badminton Technique – Basic Backhand (INDO Life)

“Assalammualaikum” Waalaikumussalam “Woy, coach. How are you?” I’m good today. “Great, yes?” So Great! “What’s our theme today?” Our theme today is backhand Last time, we practiced Forehand Today, we will practice backhand. “Every time I talked about backhand, I remember Taufik.” Yes! Taufik Hidayat is … The backhand master He is able to do a lot of backhand strokes with so special “But this time, our backhand is …” Yes, this time is … Basic backhand. The backhand practice is … The swing on your left. (“”OOppss”) Sorry, For the right-handed people, it’s on their left For the Lefty, it’s on their right. So, we can differentiate. Then, for the backhand, Basically, it looks like this. Last time, we already explained for the handgrip. it’s like hand-shake Then, the difference with forehand is, the thumb position. The thumb is placed right here.. In the middle of the handle. It’s not like this. Well, it can be like this, But powerless. It’s better this way, the thumb is in the middle. Let’s practice for the backhand. Place your body a little bit face to the left, Swing from the low part, just like before, The racket first position Left side, from the low. just release the shuttle, and swing.. Okay, Today, we have practiced backhand, Don’t forget to keep practising the stroke, Do the repetition, as many as you can. The more you do, the better you become. The more repetition, the better. So, you can be … become better, when you play. That’s all from me for the backhand, today. Subscribe and positive comments for our channel. Thank You!

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