Badminton-Tips for Serious Players (1) Your mind must be ready for session not only your body

Tips for Serious Players (1) Your mind must be ready for session not only your body This series is for serious badminton players if you are serious badminton player then before the training before the tournament, match play do not just warm up your body more importantly you have to prepare your mind I can tell what kind of quality a player will do in training if I see the player 10 minutes before what he does 10 minutes before the training what he does some players they sit together, they are talking while they are doing stretching they are talking about last night party they talk about this weekend party they talk about nice meal they had they talk about movies they have watched before 10-15 minutes for the training he might stretch his legs his body but his mind is not ready to take serious badminton training what I am looking for the player to do before the training before the match play move away separately by himself away from anybody else and think about what kind of quality he is going to do what this training mean to him and he prepares in a way he is meditating before the training just imagine the quality matter of to the players they just stretch their body and keep talking the normal life events this player before 15-20 minutes stay away by himself not only stretching but he is thinking and making determination to do the best ever quality training no body can copy his training that kind of quality training he is going to do because this means so much to him every day like that after 6 months, 1 year who will win in tournaments you have lets say 5 years or 10 years to train to be international player but please remember every session is unique do not treat every session 1 of 1000 sessions if you treat every session like unique session then you will get something from every single session prepare your mind not only your body I will give another example have you seen any priest talking about joking before he begins the ceremony its not possible because he has to be in different world so he has to prepare have you seen any monk to do making joking before he goes to the temple and do his unceremony why not badminton player to me it is same

18 thoughts on “Badminton-Tips for Serious Players (1) Your mind must be ready for session not only your body

  1. You are so right

    Iv seen players talking to much, using their phones for hours just before the beginning of their matches

    They usually lose because they are overconfident, too distracted…

  2. Hello Mr. Lee
    Thank you for this video it means so much for me. In my opinion you can train many hours a day, but if you can't control your mindset then its pointless. I want to ask you Mr. Lee, will you make please a video about mindset during the match in different situations and what are the biggest mistakes during the training/match? Once again thank you Mr. Lee for your videos. God bless you! ­čÖé

  3. Do you have any tips on how to warm up for a match, to get your body and mind ready? I see many people just tap back and forth and when they get into a game the pace catches them out.

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