Badminton Trick Shots

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity As you know Our ping pong trick shots are on point But what about badminton? Today we’re going to do Badminton trick shots! I’m sure I will beat Miikka and Emil at the
same time Not bad! Not so friendly pass! I should have caught that! I’m sorry! Impressive! Thanks for watching guys! Hope you enjoyed our badminton special episode! Remember to subscribe to our channel
here And watch our previous episodes there Until next time

100 thoughts on “Badminton Trick Shots

  1. That smash so soft & the tricks it's so easy for asian people like chinese, indonesian, japanese, korean 😀

  2. Wkwkwk dri negara mana ini, perasaan ygmendunia dari asia, kalo jago lawan jojo gih atau fak ginting atau siapin ganda putra lawan minion

  3. The smash on the back block is good but its nice if the smash stroke is straight not curve to have more difficulty

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