Badminton-What Destroys Your Backhand Clear (4) Too much follow through

What Destroys Your Backhand Clear (4) Too much follow through Another very common mistake which destroys smash is follow through here after the shot follow through so here shuttle goes there follow through because this player think big action can give more power to his backhand to go farther but it is completely opposite not that follow through stop and tap there yeah bang Please Compare there there not not I am telling you because I am training for many years I can do it the club players, beginner players have better chance to do that to hit longer is completely not true the club players or younger players or beginners when they learn this tapping they can hit much longer than that way its not the power, its timing and technique so please do not misunderstand the things I am demonstrating explaining to you is not only for the professional players or better players this is for everybody and I have experienced, I have corrected many players from this to that and they hit much farther much nice so please try with positive mind set

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  1. Hi coach Lee, I have a problem, every time the opponent gives a high ball on the net, a player usually will smash it. But I can't because I fear of touching the net, any advice? Thank you so much.

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