Badminton-What Destroys Your Backhand Clear (6) Using too much thumb

What Destroys Your Backhand Clear (6) Using too much thumb Ok this one many players have wrong idea they think using thumb for backhand clear yes, but for backhand clear thumb is supporting thumb is not the main element to create the power watch this my thumb is there too many players are using thumb too much so shuttle is there they when they hit it they use their thumb to push it like this like that because of this it pushes the shuttle cock watch this please I am copying those players move back they think ok backhand I must use thumb so end of their thumb goes there like this because they belive thumb has to be used thumb has to push the shuttlecock like this so what happens ok shuttle is there they use thumb to push it push the backhand clear this should not be used the end thumb this area should not be used for backhand clear backhand clear this area has to be used there not there ok watch this here I hit if I take my if you look end thumb is not being used that’s used not this I will show you the wrong way using the end thumb to push, generate power there look not like that again one more then you may question me if you don’t use thumb to push it to generate power in backhand clear where the power is generated is this four fingers this this this pull forward this just support not this pushes it four fingers pull and tap not thumb and thumb push it you lose lot of power doing that for backhand clear please feel it impression few more shuttles this is the right way this is wrong way wrong way right way

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  1. hi coach, still waiting for the explanatory video which you promised…

    hi coach, when we play doubles we are facing one problem. I am usually what is called a net player in doubles, and I do go forward when my partner is smashing. but in some cases when my partner is smashing from any back corner and any of the opponents drives the shuttle back to the opposite back corner, the problem happens. me being stuck to the centre (or a little towards the side of my partner) and in a very forward position, usually cannot hit the shuttle as it flies past me very fast. my partner, still recovering from hitting a smash, sometimes stay dis-balanced. Nobody then can reach for the shuttle, and we are losing points. Any suggestion?"


  2. Thank you coach Lee for showing each step in detailed. I find them very useful. Will you be able to do a few video clips on how to use fingers power step by step?
    Many thanks

  3. Thank you for this video coach! 
    I started watching it thinking that using your thumb for backhand clear is a silly mistake, yet by the end of the video it turned out that I am making a silly mistake myself by using just my wrist to generate power and not using the fingers enough.

  4. Useful video, thank you, coach Lee!
    Btw, I'm still looking for video how to do backhand smash…
    I hope that it'll be the next topic u maked.

  5. hey coach i find your video extremely helpful and you explain every detail very deeply. my question is i m 5''3 can i become a good badminton player?

  6. Thank you for all the videos!! I am watching those everydays and it is really effective! You not only teach the right way but also compare with the wrong ways. That is easy to understand. And, importantly you give the passion for badminton players. Thanks you so much! You are my idol teacher!

  7. my favorite instructor for sure.. And what a mayor improvement with the chest microphone! That's makes it really pro!!  

  8. Coach, this is my first time using the part of the thumb, its feels good and it will not restrict the wrist movement. Thank you.

  9. thanks for tutorial!  been mainly using my thumb and wrist when backhand clearing. I'm sure these improvements will ease the exhaustion a little.

  10. thank you coach lee … I am still new in the world of badminton … badminton has become my new hobby … your video really helped me to play it right … now you are my coach in badminton … the instructions you give are very clear and useful and really effective … i hope you can continue your lessons in video form like this … thank you again coach…

  11. Hi Coach Lee, thank you so much for creating this video, it is helping me massively!!!! Just wondering that if you can create a video of how to choose the right racket for different individuals please? Thank you very much!

  12. looking for a backhand clear technique when the shuttle is actually behind you near the third court. I am not able to generate enough power to clear the backhand from third court to third court. Do you have any videos on that ?

  13. แบบฝึกชายคู่-หญิงมีไหมครับ.ถ้ามีให้ขอบคุณมากครับ.

  14. i've been watching the backhand series.. in my opinion, it's very useful to everyone playing badminton.. people tend to learn fancy ways to play, but they forgot these kind of basic skills are the core to a good badminton.. well done coach, and thanks for the tips.. 🙂

  15. its great that you analyse most cummon mistakes, not just showing the right way to do it. thanks for the videos : )

  16. Hi sir. Your videos have helped me a lot and thanks to them i have been able to improve my game. One question though, why have you disabled the comments section on the later videos?
    I have queries but i am unable to ask them.
    Thanks again!

  17. really good explanation Mr. Lee, i always use the wrong technique to do backhand, hope i will improve after watch your clip
    thank you very much

  18. Sometimes I drift into the dark side and watch other coaches on Youtube but no-one understands the nuances of badminton like Lee – excellent stuff, keep it coming!

  19. coach lee is helping me very much in just 1 month! really, even my friends praising on me , seeing how i improved every sunday when we play. My first single match, i lost 21-4, next week (after watching coach Lee video), i lost 21-18, the next week again i win 21-17, now i rarely lose with my friends :). just wanna say thank you very much for your very instructive video Coach, hope you live a long life and spread ur knowledge more. Greetings from Indonesia

  20. you are a great trainer and your tutorials are quite effective too.thank you for that and keep it are doing great.!!!

  21. hi Lee. thank for your video
    And i have question where we put our thumb for backhand.
    in the flat side of the racket or the straight line of the racket.
    just incase you need: flat side mean the side that we use to hit the shuttle
    and straight line mean the side that u cannot hit the shuttle PLEASE answer i really need to know for me to growing up in Badminton. thank

  22. I needed this so badly. thank you Lee!! Question about fingers. you said 4 fingers generate power and thumb is used for support, but I can only keep 3 fingers together. My Index finger spreads out. Do I need to practice keeping all 4 fingers together while at impact time?

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